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Craft beer in Milan, a real conquest!

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Written by EFW Staff

The continuous growth of craft beer, wine and food

The real phenomenon in the recent year is with any doubt the boom of the food and wine sector that affected as a flood all the professional and amateur restaurants and all the Italians.

The Booth has always been characterized by passion for the good food, but now it turns to be gourmet, pushing the consumers, more or less expert, to look for the most exclusive products, biological and able to maintain their natural taste.

The first years of the new century stated the triumph of the wine sector with the increasing of passionate people and experts, whereas in the last year a new trend has born starting from the countries of the North of Europe: craft beers. It revolutionized the way to drink of the Italians and it is pretty spread in the big cities, among which there is also Milan.


What do we mean with the words craft beers?

The first step is, with any doubt, the definition of the words craft beer: we mean a raw beer, that means not pasteurized, without preservatives and not filtered.

Some of the most important names in the production of beer in Italy is Moretti. They introduced within their products at least a raw beer, with a rougher and a more genuine taste.

Boom of craft beer in Milan

The capital of Lombardy is always at the first place for the new trends and social influences, and it happens once again with the beer sector.

First of all some craft beers in the big retailers, then the birth of small boutiques addressed to the consumption of beer. There have been, in a small period of time, a real explosion of microbreweries that attract always a greater number of expert clients or simply someone curious to taste something new.

And not to lack for nothing, Milan has hosted the Italian Beer Festival, a festival of the best craft beers that prized the best breweries and the best beers for each category, proving the effective success of the phenomenon.


The most appreciated places in Milan to taste craft beer

In Milan you will have a wide possibility of choice. Let’s start with the famous BQ a historical place in Vial Losanna, that host dozen of craft beers both draught and bottled. There’s something for everybody’s fancy: blond, red, double malt, with saffron, coffee, fresh or dried fruit. BQ is a point of reference of all the experts in the sector.

Really important to mention is Birrificio Lambrate, one of the first places to enhance the spreading of the phenomenon of the craft beer on the territory of Milan. Each month it propose a new beer that can be added to the traditional and classic ones but the taste is always amazing like the Ligera, an APA that will leave you speechless.

Together with this place, it is worth mentioning also Baladin, a historical brewery in the heart of Milano, that propose prestigious and high quality beers, to pair with gourmet specialities, both sweet and savoury.

And if you want to taste a good craft beer, comfortably on the sofa of your home, the beer shops are almost in every corner of the city, and they offer a wide choice of national and foreign beers.

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