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Craft beer in Rome

Birra artigianale a Roma Luppolo - EFW
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Craft beer in Rome, small steps, great results

Italy is in the fourth position for the annual consumption of wine, after Luxembourg, France and Portugal, with 35,4 litres per-capita in the 2013 (data ISTAT), the last data confirm the increasing of the consumption of beer. Thus, in the last thirty years, in our peninsula, there have been a real boom of this sector. The consumption of this drink in our country is one of the lowest in Europe (with around 28,6 liters pro capite per year)
The association  Assobirra states that, according to its studies, the consumption of beer in the Italian restaurants surpass the consumption of wine (beer 42% – wine 39%). The change of temperature is given also to the legislative changes and in some cities, the increasing of the number of the foreign tourists coming from the beer is one of the most consumed drinks. This trend increases talking about craft beer in Rome and it is easy to show it, due to the number of beers and the pubs opened in the capital.
The talent of the Italians in producing craft things is renowned, given the success obtained and the quality of the final products.

Characteristics of craft beer

We don’t know precisely where craft beer comes from, even if different archeological sources highlight traces of a drink obtained from fermented cereals in different the parts of the world and in the same period. People say that this drink has a special godmother Cerere, the roman goddess of the wheat and as godfather the bishop Arnoldo. This is sufficient to know better its success. It is good, genuine and easy to pair with different dishes of the Mediterranean diet, the beer has conquered lots of people also in the capital.

Places where it is possible to drink a good craft beer in Rome

If you want to be immerse in the wonderful world of craft beer in the capital, there are some places that you could not miss. One of them is Domus Birrae, in Via Cavour 88, a special place, where not only it is possible to drink some high quality craft beers (tapped or in the bottle), but it is also possible to buy the fermentation kit to produce beer at home, the mix and lots of ingredients but also you can receive useful information about the brew tradition.
Another place to not miss is the Brasserie 4:20, in Via Portuense 82, that offers to its clients only beer. One of this is the famous Revelation Cat, a craft beer produced in Rome, that is worth tasting. Then, there is the Open Baladin, in Via degli Specchi 6, that can offer to its clients an endless choice of national and foreign beers, besides their own beer Baladin.
You can taste some of the best craft beers of Rome in the restaurant Bir & Fud. Here, the food is carefully paired with the right beer. And we cannot close the list without talking about Boail Birrificio Ostiense Artigianale located in Piazzale dei Ravennati 1, Ostia Lido in Roma, where it is possible to taste their own beers coming from the brewery Birradamare, but also beers from other brew masters.
Among the best there is the historical place Ma che siete venuti a faof Manuele Colonna Best Beer Bar in the World (2010) that has contributed to the birth and growth or the Brew Movement of Rome, among the best in Italy. Worth mentioning is Publican, high standing person in the brew world, and organizer of big events like the cruise “Un Mare di Birra” and the EuroHop Festival.
The Bifuel, a special drink produced with the grape variety fermentino, coming from the Azienda Agricola Torre in Pietra and the Birra Roma Ambrata are just some of these beers

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