Craft beer: intense aroma and authenticity

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Authenticity and high quality

Craft beer is neither pasteurized nor filtered. Its taste of malt and the intense aroma of hop are stronger than the one of the industrialized beer. Craft beer is easy to recognize for its thick and lasting foam and a mellow consistency. Craft beer is a natural beer without preservatives and it is able to maintain its organoleptic properties that can give numerous benefits to the organism thanks to the natural properties that can give numerous benefits to the organism thanks to the natural procedures carried out for its preparation.

Natural ingredients

The ingredients are natural. The plant of the hop is really important, it belongs to the family of the Orticacee and its aromatic flowers contains different types of flavonoids well known for its anti cancer properties. The most important ingredient of the beer is two-row barley that before being used in the fermentation process has to be transformed into malt.

Preparation and production



The preparation of craft beer requires care, competence and attention: for this reason, it can be produced in high quantities. The first phase consists in mixing water with malted cereals (mainly barley, but also oat and wheat) and the addition of aromas as hop. In particular, barley is left in the water for some days until its germination: this process gives life to the enzymes, useful to transform amid into maltose. Thanks to the yeast, the beer ferments and then matures.
Then, the phases of the drying and the roasting are carried out at different temperatures according to the type of beer that you want to produce. During all the phases you should keep in mind the characteristic aroma of hop, acting in compliance with this idea.
The choice of the raw materials for the production of natural beer requires a great care and experience: natural beer doesn’t contain other cereals but barley malt and wheat.
An important aspect is the fact that the phases of fermentation and the maturation have to take place in a natural way without adding preservatives.
The maturation, generally take place in big tanks with low temperatures for a long period of time, for around two months, in order to set the beer and have a product with a great structure.

The last phases of the process are the bottling and confectionery.

Taste and aroma together with authenticity

Il gusto aromatico della birra naturale si deve soprattutto alla presenza del luppolo. I procedimenti interamente al naturale garantiscono un’alta qualità del prodotto, caratterizzata da una completa genuinità. Negli ultimi tempi la richiesta nel mercato della birra naturale è aumentata sempre più, grazie anche all’attenzione maggiore che i consumatori rivolgono alla scelta dei prodotti da acquistare.


The aromatic taste of the craft beer depends above all on the presence of the hop. The main procedures are completely natural to guarantee a high quality of the product, characterized by a complete authenticity. In the last times, the demand of craft beer from the market has increased, also thanks to the high care that the consumers give to the products that they buy.

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