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Desserts with wine: recipes with Prosecco and Nero d’Avola

Written by Annalisa

Recipes of desserts with wine

Who said that you can use wine only to braise roasted beef or to deglaze escalope? If it is used in confectionery it gives unique aroma and intriguing perfumes to pies, biscuits and desserts. A light and fruity white wine like Prosecco is perfect with vanilla, whereas red wine and in particular a good Nero d’Avola fits perfectly with chocolate and cardamom!

Wines and desserts, the perfect pairing!

It is not weird to use wine in confectionery, in fact there are many traditional recipes rooted in the past that have always been tasted and appreciated like wine fritters, venetian galani, cartellate of Puglia and turdilli of Calabria.
However we want to propose you simple recipes, light and tasty that you can easily reply at home to prepare a particular break or an after-dinner with a unique taste.

White or red?

A wine for each recipe. If you prefer white wine you should chose fragrant and delicious biscuits with Prosecco. Instead if you love the rich and strong taste of Nero d’Avola, be delighted with a tasty and spumy cake with chocolate and red wine.

Prosecco small donuts

ricette dolci con il vino

They are fragrant biscuits that remind typical Venetian recipes where Prosecco, dry and sweet, was used to knead simple and crispy biscuits. In the version that we propose you today they are enriched with vanilla aroma and olive oil. A perfect dessert at the end of the meal served with a Passito wine or a liquorish wine.

Make a well with 500 gr of flour, add 150 gr of sugar, 150 ml of Prosecco, 120 gr of oil, half a pocket of vanilla-flavoured baking powder. Knead the ingredients until you obtain a smooth and compact. After a resting period of 20 minutes, knead small pieces of dough in order to obtain long and thin rolls closed as a donut. Bake for half an hour at 160°. Taste them with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Chocolate cake with Nero d’Avola

Humid, spumy and perfumed, this cake mixes together the pleasure of cocoa and the captivating aroma of red wine, besides the spiced notes of cardamom and cinnamon. A delicious cake that will give you a break of real pleasure! It is perfect served with the tea at five o’clock!

Place in the mixer 250 gr of butter and 200 gr of sugar, blend until it is creamy and add one by one 4 yolks. Mix 150 ml of Nero d’Avola, 30 gr of dark cocoa, a pinch of cinnamon and a berry of cardamom.
Blend again and pour the dough in a bowl, add 250 gr of flour, a pocket of yeast and finally the egg whites beaten until stiff. After blending carefully, bake in a hinged pie mould for 45 minutes at 180°.

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