Elixir of long life: 5 foods to live a long life

cibi per vivere a lungo
Written by EFW Staff

Foods to live a long life

Anti-aging medicine is a branch of medicine that recognize and important role to the diet for our health and longevity. It shows, in fact, how our diet has direct consequences on ageing and the quality of our life. The food that we eat can help us to live a long and good life giving to our body a series of substances able to delay the cellular ageing, strengthen the organism and keep our body and our mind young and energetic. Thus, if you are looking for the elixir of long life, open your fridge, you can find it among the foods that you use everyday!

Neither a week of diet, nor a month, the elixir of long life has to be a lifestyle and a total diet, with a special consideration to the right fats, the right proteins and a variegated and healthy diet. In particular, however, there are 5 foods, that if ate regularly they can fight the ageing.
Are you curious? Foods to live for a long period of time are: brown rice, broccoli and cruciferae, spices and our best product: extra virgin oil. Cereals, Vegetables, fish proteins and fats: a complete and balanced diet.

Brown Rice


Brown rice is rich in minerals and proteins, it can give lots of fibers, moreover its sugary part contained in the starch is absorbed slowly limiting the glycaemic jumps that characterize the refined grains.
If you say brown rice you immediately think to B Vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesia: thus a real wonder!

Broccoli, arugula and radishes


For a refill of C vitamin eat Cruciferae. Detox and purifier, all this winter vegetables have the ability to help the liver depuration removing all the toxins collected from outside and from the metabolism. It allows a deep detox for this reason the cruciferae are also known as anti-cancer vegetables perfect above all for all the women. Besides broccoli and cabbages, not always appreciated for their smell and taste, there are also watercress, arugula and radish. They are vegetables rich in mineral salts and fibers, but also amino acids and useful nutrients to reinforce the immune system.

Oily fish


The best protein source is oily fish; rich in good polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega 3 that prevent and obstacle the cardio circulatory disease and diabetes.
Sardines, mackerels and anchovies thus are a healthy food, rich of the so-called noble proteins important for the organism. Proteins are fundamental for the perfect working of our body to nourish the muscles, thus the choice of the right high-quality proteins is really important.

Extra virgin olive oil

olio evo

In Italy, we can’t complain! The Fat source par excellence of our country is the best of all, from the point of view of the health but also of the taste. Extra virgin olive oil, above all raw, is a healthy ingredient in fact even if it is fat it doesn’t affect the cholesterol and it is rich in antioxidants “anti-ageing”.



Spices are ingredients rich in resources with lots of benefits for our body in fact each spice has its peculiarity. But to live young for a long period of time the winner is: curcuma. This root, pretty used in Asia and India is a strong anti-oxidant but also a great anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. An advice for your table? Try to reduce the use of salt substituting it with curcuma and other spices, in this way the food will be tasty and healthy.

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