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Event MakeIt – Craft beer: from passion to business

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Craft beer unloads at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, thanks to the event MakeIt!

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The event MakeIT – Craft Beer: from passion to business, was held in Venice, at the Economics Department of Ca’ Foscari University. It was the last meeting dedicated to Craft Beer that explores the brew world throughout the marketing strategy under different points of view and interpretations. Experts in the field gave their precious contribution, holding a dynamic and funny debate.

evento MakeIt, gli studenti - EFW

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Craft and beer, a social and economic phenomenon

Event MakeIT - Prof. Stefano Miceli Università cà Foscari | Enjoy food & Wine

The first speaker was Professor Giulio Buciuni of Venice International University that works together with Professor Stefano Micelli, writer of “Futuro Artigiano”. It is a book that studies new business models and the markets that invest on craft beer. An interesting excursus that starts from the theme of arts and crafts in Italy, going on talking about the brew world in the American market and highlighting the business model and the social phenomenon of microbreweries.

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Everyone agreed on the fact that there is a need of a comeback to the origins; not only the marketing “team” but also the speakers on the craft beer “side”.

There has been a strong debate not only about the basic manufacturing competences needed but also on the real trend of the markets where the MNEs and the big industries took remedial actions because of the Social Movement created around the craft beer.

The attention was focused on the data of the American economy; in America, in fact, the phenomenon of the microbrewery foresees numbers that the Italian and European production can’t even imagine. We are talking about 110 thousand people involved in the field of craft beer and a 15% of sold beer.


Craft beer: it is all Teo’s fault

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The second speaker, one of the most awaited actually, was Teo Musso, “guilty” for the phenomena of the Italian craft beer. Thanks to its brand Birra Baladin he brought the Italian craft beer all around the world, from New York to Japan.

Teo Musso gave an important contribution to all the youths that are interested in “live beer”.

Perfectly connected to the introduction of Prof. Buciuni, Musso reminds how the giants of the beers try to imitate the products of the microbreweries to cover their lacks, typical of the industrial beer market. He talked also about how the Italian brew tradition has been influenced by the American “super hopped” beers, being guilty of a lack of novelty.

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Teo Musso, one of the biggest producers of Italian craft beers, focused its attention on a hot topic reminding how the Italian legislation completely lack in laws that regulate the growing Craft beer production in Italy.

The focus moved, then, to a more “romantic” aspect: beer as a passion and as a product of the land that highly involved all the passionate attending audience.

Different fascinating stories were told on the characters that in the last decades worked in order to make the Italian beer famous and appreciated, as occurred in the last years.

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Live Beer!

“Live beer, is a product of the land and not only a process of synthesis as they want us to believe”. This Teo’s sentence shows that beer is a product that needs lot of care. The consumption is changing, – “people doesn’t care about “A beer”, this culture is evolving, people today are more aware of the facts that THE beer exists” – many beers, many styles and many methods.

Craft beers are leaving the homologation stereotype that was freezing this fascinating product rich in history. A product that can’t and doesn’t have to be fossilized only on the ancient traditions, a product that has to take advantage of the history to be always contemporary.

Event MakeIT - Foto Organizzatori ed oratori Università cà Foscari | Enjoy food & Wine

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Andrea De Bortoli wrote beer in prose

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Andrea de Bortoli was the third speaker of the event MakeIt, he is a restaurant owner that belongs to the brew culture. He manages for 35 years, together with his sister Daniela, a famous restaurant in Montebelluna (TV) called “Nidaba”. It is like a temple of the craft beer that perfectly melts with its haute cuisine.

Andrea, a great Teo’s friend, focused his attention on the main issue for those, like him, who sell beers to the clients.

This is a real mission for Andrea, one of the forefathers in this field that fought for years looking for international beer excellences to be sold in his restaurant explaining to all, especially to the youths, the real and deep brew culture.

Event MakeIT - Nidaba - Università cà Foscari | Enjoy food & Wine

“Beer has to be told, they have to be explained very well. This is the only way for the youths to understand what they are drinking”. – Love for craft beer always guided Andrea and he confirmed that there are few good beers and real brew masters.

During his years of research of important products, he observed that this new trend cause not only a good chatter around the theme but also a swarm of new-entrepreneurs/brewers that sometimes produce a real “mice poison”. In an ironic way and with fun, Andrea joked on the issue to remind that beer is both easily drinkable and difficult to produce and, as such, it is necessary to create professional figures able to inform the client in the right way.

Andrea gave a great contribution from the point of view both of the beer drinkers and sellers; he is an informed and aware intermediary.

Evento MakeIt torrefazione Marchi -efw

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The recipe of the craft beer history of Matthias Mueller

Event MakeIT - Mathias Mueller Mastro Birrario Università cà Foscari | Enjoy food & Wine

After the coffee break offered by the Torrefazione Marchi, the debate started again. The fourth speaker of MakeIt – Craft Beer: form passion to Business has been Matthias Mueller, a German Brew master that work also as a technical consultant for the breweries.

He is a multifaceted character that works behind the scenes to push in an important way the brew panorama. Retracing an historical itinerary connected to the introduction of Prof. Buciuni, he remind that craft beer not only is a recent phenomenon, but also a centuries old tradition that has been obscured by the war, the laws and the influence of the big industrialists.

Event MakeIT - Costruzione di un Birrificio Università cà Foscari | Enjoy food & Wine


Italian craft beer market was pretty rich before the Great War. In 1890, in fact, there was a hundred of breweries and after the end of the war they slowly disappeared.

The laws gave the coup de grace to the craft production and as Teo Musso said, they can be a big risk and a great obstacle.

Hoping that it isn’t only a fashion, Mueller affirms that the birth of new microbreweries is recording a stunning growing.


Made in Birra, more services for the authorized personnel and costumers

Event MakeIT - Università cà Foscari | Enjoy food & Wine

Fifth and last speaker was Liberato Aliberti of Made in Birra, who closes the event MakeIt – Craft Beer: from passion to business. He is a young expert that in the recent years has become
keen on Craft Beer trying to melt haute cuisine (he comes from the Gualtieri School) with the craft beer world.

Although this melting concept isn’t new, there are in fact lots of figures like Andrea and Teo that melt important food to craft beer. The contribution of Aberti make the craft beer even closer to who hasn’t been that brave to sell different products than the industrial beers.

His main aim is to spread only quality all over the food and wine world starting from the distribution to Pub, restaurants and Bar. It foresees favourable prices, accessible to the final costumer thanks to the e-commerce and the on-line selling. It is a newborn project, ambitious and with great perspectives.

Event MakeIT - Foto Organizzatori ed oratori Università cà Foscari | Enjoy food & Wine


At the end of this full-immersion, we even drunk beer!

Event MakeIT - Assaggio Birra artigianale Università cà Foscari | Enjoy food & Wine

To tickle the young palates of the event MakeIt – Craft Beer: from passion to business, there were Whyan, Terre e Lune by Baladin, La Bianca by Mueller, the Merry Xmas Beer by La Fagiana. Strictly drunk in the famous Teku, the glass created by Teo Musso to taste craft beer.

Event MakeIT - Il bicchiere Teku creato da Teo Musso - Università cà Foscari | Enjoy food & Wine


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