Extractor or centrifuge? This is the question!

centrifuga o estrattore
Written by Annalisa

Top fruit juice: best extractor or centrifuge?

Blender, centrifuge and or the new and most wanted extractor? If you are a fan of home-made juices, this question has surely been done to you! The juices are a great snack but also a refreshing supplement for breakfast and meals; refreshing and healthy, perfect for this hot season are easy to prepare at home directly from fresh fruit and with easy-to-use tools.

The properties of homemade juices

Basic ingredients of homemade juices are fruits and vegetables, so it is easy to imagine the many beneficial effects. It is well known that a frequent consumption of fresh fruit juices as well as refreshing and reintegrating the body of liquids increases immune defenses, helps lose weight, prevent certain forms of cancer and purify the intestine, reinforcing the intestinal flora.
But which one is the best: the centrifuge or extractor? Let’s clarify these two different ways to produce juices.


The centrifuge is made up of a metal blade that moves quickly and is able to separate the juice from the pulp and peel of the fruit, which is stopped and discarded in a different container by centrifugal force. You get a liquid and watery juice from which all the fruit fibers have been eliminated, the most nourishing part and the cause of swelling.
The weak points? The heat generated by the fast movement of the metal blade tends to eliminate some intrinsic fruit benefits as it deactivates the enzymes, making the juice less nourishing and poor of nutritive principles and vitamins. In addition, the juice should be consumed in a short time to avoid oxidation.


Some tips for a good centrifuge…

The best machines are those with a silent engine running at a speed of 18,000 rpm to extract more juice and produce less waste and with a power that is around 1000 W; Finally, it is important that materials are safe for health. For a good centrifuge, you should prefer the machines with an opening big enough to put the whole fruit without breaking into small pieces and choosing fresh fruits from the fridge, you will get a refreshing and refreshing juice.

The extra touch for the perfect centrifuge!

Add some refreshing aroma. If your centrifuge is with red fruits or apple and orange add mint leaves, if you prefer sweet fruits such as melon, peaches, pears, add fresh ginger for a refreshing touch.

Cold extractor


No hot blades but a cold juice extractor, the movement of this machine is slow, silent and does not produce heat. Enzymes, vitamins and many nutritive principles are kept intact but also in the extract, as well as in the centrifuge juice, the fibers are completely eliminated. Cold extracted juices are more durable and stable, they keep their nutritional integrity for 48 hours and up to 72 if well preserved. A good extractor produces few turns per minute, extracts the juice without warming up and slowly.

Green extracts

The extractor is the ideal tool to prepare the famous green smoothie, the healthiest phenomenon of the moment. Green, fresh and healthy juices come from green leafy vegetables such as spinach, beets and salads with the addition of watery vegetables such as cucumber and low-glycemic fruit such as green apple. To extract juice from the leaves this is the best method that preserves nutritive principles, vitamins and amino acids and mineral salts.

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