First Christmas courses of Basilicata

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From the tradition, the first Christmas courses of Basilicata

The classic Mediterranean tradition is the fundamental pillar of cuisine of Basilicata, formerly known as Lucania. This name takes us back in the past, during the time of Magna Grecia, to a region whose coastal and mountainous area rich in pastures and woods gives us a cuisine rich in varied flavors.

First Christmas courses of Basilicata: “strascinati”

During Christmas Eve in Basilicata is the opportunity to eat the first mixed-meat dishes, a home-made rustic pasta whose main ingredients are hard wheat flour, water and salt. “Strascinati” is a kind of pasta, like “orecchiette”, but much larger and wider.

The name comes from the method by which it is prepared: the dough is dragged with fingers on a large wooden surface.
Generally “strascinati” are prepared using three fingers, but traditional hints affirm the use of four or eight fingers, which therefore provide great walks.
Thanks to the technique with which they are worked, “strascinati” have a smooth side and one with rugged and irregular surface, which is able to collect better the sauce.

“Strascinati” are served with a meat-based seasoning that can vary according to the area and the family tradition: a typical ragu is the one based on oil, browned onion, meat and sausage in pieces, all flavored with some wine White.

First Christmas courses of Basilicata: the soup of endive, Savoy cabbage and cardoon

Minestra di scarole, verze e cardi - Enjoy Food & Wine

Another typical dish of the tradition of Basilicata is the soup of endive, Savoy cabbage and cardoon cooked in broth, to which you can add grated cheese or chops. The preparation is quite simple: after washing the cabbage and the scarlet, cut it in sticks. The hams should be cleaned by removing the inner filaments and then sprinkled in water and lemon.
The cubed celery is browned in a little oil and the rest of the vegetables and a liter of water are added, then boiled for about an hour.
Once ready, the soup can be seasoned with yogurt and cheese.

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