First Christmas courses of Sardinia

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The most popular first Christmas courses of Sardinia

First Christmas courses of Sardinia: culurgiones de casu frescu

Culurgiones are a typical dish of the traditional cuisine of Ogliastra, Sardinia, which is prepared today for every important occasion.
Basically, they are ravioli stuffed with potatoes, with a oblong crescent shape and hand-sealed with true art, which is handed down from mother to daughter; they are pinched with the fingers to make them look like an ear (in Sardinian dialect sa spighitta).
There are several variants of culurgiones: in southern Sardinia the filling can be made from fresh sheep or goat cheese, egg and saffron, or alternatively Sardinian pecorino, beetroot and spinach, while the most common one is potato, onions and just a little bit of pecorino. All is seasoned with tomato sauce and a sprinkled with grated seasoned cheese.
According to the tradition, culurgiones are not only a dish, but also a present symbol of respect and affection. In the past, they were prepared for various occasions such as engagement parties as a symbol of celebration, or to celebrate a good harvest.
The culurgiones also exist in their sweet version, stuffed with fresh ricotta, almonds and candies.

First Christmas courses of Sardinia: fregula and other dishes

Primi piatti natalizi sardi: scodella contenente la fregula - Enjoy Food & Wine

Fregula is a type of durum wheat semolina produced in Sardinia which has the form of balls of various sizes and is used both for the preparation of soups and as an accompaniment to sauces (eg tomato sauce and clams ).

Worth mentioning is the stuffed ravioli and the Sardinian gnocchetti with sausage sauce. Despite the name, the latter are a hard grain pasta (the so-called malloreddus, which literally means “small bulls”) with a striped surface, which in the past was obtained by crushing the dough with the thumb on the bottom of a wicker basket called “ciurili “.

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