Flavored waters: what are they and how to prepare them

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What are flavored waters?

The flavored waters, pretty in fashion in the most innovative bars of the cities of all over the world, from London and New York, are drinks without sugar and sweeteners, made at home.
It is water flavored with fruit in infusion and aromatic herbs like mint, stevia and rosemary. The fruit and herbs leaved in infusion for some hours that release not only a pleasant taste and fruity aroma but also important nutritive properties transforming the water into a detoxing and fresh drink, 100% natural.

Benefits of the flavored waters

Drinking this flavored fresh waters, help to hydrate and introduce more liquids in an easy and pleasant way. Moreover, thanks to the properties released by the fruit, they help to restore the organism with mineral salts and vitamins, removing all the dross. They are thus, detoxing and hydrating drinks.

How to prepare them

The first fundamental step is to clean the fruit carefully, better if it is biological and not treated, remove the peels and the stone, wash deeply under the water. Then cut the fruit into pieces and soak it is containers with mineral water (the best containers are made of glass with an hermetic stopper). Once they are left in infusion, it is sufficient to close the container and place it in the fridge for some hours, from a minimum of two, to a maximum of 12. When it is time to drink them, remove the fruit and drink immediately.

Flavored waters for all the tastes

The most beautiful thing of these drinks? They are good and healthy; there aren’t sugar and sweeteners, but only fresh fruit and herbs. Be creative using your favorite fruit and its benefits will depend on the ingredients used, for instance lemon and saffron are detoxing, the cucumber is diuretic, strawberries and blueberries are a refill of antioxidants, the mint is refreshing and digestive.

acque aromatizzate

Refreshing with watermelon and mint

Take 4-5 dices of watermelon without seeds in a container with mineral water and three leaves of mint. Leave in infusion for around 6 hours.

Anti oxidant and draining with blueberries and rosemary

Make a layer of blue berries on the bottom of the barrel, a sprinkle of lemon and a branch of rosemary with its anti-inflammatory properties as a valid help for the digestion; fill with water and close. This flavored water is a great help for the circulatory system.

Detox: lemon, saffron, cucumber and green apple

Slice a half a cucumber, mix with 4 pieces of green apple, Granny Smith, two slices of lemon and some pieces of peeled saffron. Mix everything with sparkling water and wait for 3 hours. Depurative and detox.

Fresh and sweet with strawberries and lime

For a liter of water there are 5 diced strawberries, half a lime sliced and 2-3 leaves of fresh mint, not too ripened and soft.

Digestive with pineapple and stevia

Ananas give to the water a sweet and pleasant taste, given also by the sweetness of the stevia. A liter of water, two slices of pineapple and 1-2 leaves of stevia carefully washed.
If you like the sour note, put also a slice of lemon.

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