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birre alla frutta
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Delicious and thirst-quenching, the success of fruit beers

There are many types of peculiar beers: gluten free beers, flavored beers or with herbs. Then there are fruit beers, they are perfect for the summer, thirst quenching and possible to personalize according to your own taste. With some tricks and the right choice of the base beer, it is possible to obtain great fruity beers.

The right base to flavor fruit beers

A Pale Ale or a wheat beer, not that hopped and spiced with Ale yeasts are perfect for this aim. The base in fact shouldn’t be too structured to allow to perceive the most delicate notes and the taste of the added fruit. No dark beers, with triple malt and well hopped, rather medium structured beers with a good dose of sugar perfectly paired with the fruity notes and to enhance it. The sugars of the fruit, in fact, tend to ferment thus they produce alcoholic volume but they do not give a particular fruity taste nor they increase their body.

Which fruit should you use for fruit beer?


A good fruity beer is made with fresh fruit, better if pasteurized, frozen fruit or even juice and extracts. The best choice is the fresh seasonal fruit, well ripened and biological to mix with the beer must after a previous pasteurization to eliminate the bacteria.
Thus using light hops and ripen fruit are the two main points to obtain a colored beer with a creamy foam, a light body and high perfume of fruit.
The use of the fruit give to the beer a relevant quantity of sugars that ferment, but also taste, perfume and color and it possible to choose your favorite fruits like peaches, cherry, strawberries and raspberries.

Lambic: the most loved beer in Europe

Lambic, produced and spread in Belgium, is a type of beer subjected to natural fermentation activated by natural bacteria and wild yeasts. Lambic are among the most appreciated fruit beers in Europe and they are available for sale in many fruity varieties.
This natural fermented beers are born in Belgium, in particular in the area of Pajottenland crossed by the river Zenne in the south of Brussels. How to recognize them? The reduced quantity of sugars is responsible of the dried taste and the fruity aroma and the sour note that it is highlighted in the palate.
birre alla frutta Lambic

Lambic Kriek: flavored with fresh cherries in juice, that correspond to the 10% and 25% of the final weight beer. If you use peaches, instead, the percentage reach the 30%. The fruit is added in the barrel with the beer, and then it ferments in the bottle.

Framboise: the production method is similar to the Kriek but instead of cherries it foresees the addition of raspberries, fresh and juicy.

Lambic is not the only high quality fruit beers for sale. If you want to try any italian production try the beers of the brewery Montegioco that produce excellent beers with different types of fruit: peaches from Volpedo, cherries “Bella di Garbagna” and blueberries.

If you want to taste unique beers with the addition of special ingredients, try the Mongozo beer with coconut or banana and quinoa.

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