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Gose Beer: spices and lactobacillus, the German thirst-quenching beers

Etichette rinomate di Birra Gose - EFW
Written by EFW Staff

Germany discovered the most thirst-quenching beers: Gose Beers

In the last year we are witnessing to the discovering of a particular style, pretty difficult, coming from Germany.

We refer to Gose beer, a weird beverage if you consider the consumption of German products in Italy.

Gose Beer, the year was…

These beers from the city of Goslar where flows the river that gave the name to this tipe of beer. They disappeared officially in 1986 when the municipality forbid its production in favour of most profitable styles. In this way, the quick growing of the city of Lipsia where since the half of 1700 and their fame was spreading.

Bottiglia e Boccale di birra Gose con veduta aerea di Lipsia -EFW

Gose beer, salt, coriander and lactobacillus

Gose are high-fermentation beers where the main cereal is the wheat. Despite this, they don’t look like the classic Weizen, in fact the yeasts used for their production are less characteristic with a low creation of ester. As a consequence we won’t find a Gose with the classic notes of banana that characterises a Weizen. Moreover, the Gose beer is spiced with coriander and salt. The first give spiced and chilli notes whereas the second with its sapid taste make these beers extremely thirst quenching.
Another fundamental characteristic is the presence of lactobacillus, microorganisms that thanks to the fermentation of the sugars produce lactic acid and it gives to the beer its characteristic acidity that can make it pleasant but also difficult to understand. It is important to notice that these beers have limited notes of hop, because it will jeopardise the work of the lactobacillus. The perception of the bitter will be thus, low.

The final result is a beer with a pale orange colour, slightly veiled that produce abundant foam but not too lasting. In the nose it is clean and dominated by the spices whereas in the palate is shows a light body and medium carbonation. The drink is characterised by the perfect equilibrium between the salty and the acid part, but pretty much delicate.

Today, it is always more easy to taste Gose beer, the German speciality, in the Italian pub especially for the Original Leipziger Gose of the Bayerisher Bahnof, for sure, easy to drink because of their softness, and also the Original Ritterguts Gose, produced by the Brauhaus Hartmannsdorf, that is more acid.

Also in Italy, after the discovering of this style, the brew masters started to produce this style of beer. A relevant example is the Kiss Me Lipsia of Birrificio del Ducato, produced with the use of the Himalaya pink salt. This is a special beer for its fluidity and quaffable.

Now, it’s up to you to try these beers, above all when the days are really hot… it means that we have to wait the “real summer” to enjoy it!

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