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What do high fermentation beers mean?

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Types of high fermentation beers

High fermentation beers are produced almost exclusively using a yeast that belongs to the family of Saccharomyces cerevisiae; it tends to go up and coagulate in the surface. In the breweries, during the production of the Ale beers it is possible to see the collection of the yeast that rise up on the surface through the help of the traditional “big spoon”.
Saccharomyces cerevisiae is, moreover responsible of the aromatic complexity of the beer, giving it fruity aromas, flowers or spices.

High fermentation beers: Anglo-Saxon area

American Pale Ale or APA. Is the American reinterpretation of the English Pale Ale. It was born in the ’80, when in American producers started to use autochthone hops (as Cascade) despite the most important, and expensive ones.

Barley Wine, is a high alcoholic volume beer that often age in wood barrels.

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Black India Pale Ale, Black IPA or Cascadian Dark Ale. It is a style of beer produced through roasting malts.

Brown Ale, produced using “Brown” malts.

Golden Ale, beer with a gold yellow colour, slightly bitter and hopped.

Imperial Stout or Russian Imperial Stout is a variation of the Stout beer that was addressed to the Russian territories.

India Pale Ale or IPA, is a pretty hopped beer addressed to be imported in the Indian English colonies (the hop was like a preservative for the long journey).

Irish Red Ale, Ale with an amber colour, really spread in Ireland, above all in the past.

Mild, this style was born in England in the XVII century and today is means a beer with a light body and a dark brown colour.

Old Ale, it is similar to the Barley Wine.

Pale Ale, it is a style that became popular in 1700, and it refers to a beer with a clearer colour than the beer of that time.

Porter, beer with a dark colour, almost black but in any case it is clearer than a stout beer, light and with a low alcoholic volume.

Scotch Ale, Scottish beer divided into three types of different alcoholic volume.

Stout, beer with strong aromas with a dark brown colour. There are different type of stout beers.

High fermentation beers: Belgian area

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Blonde Ale, quaffable and fruity beer similar to the golden Ale beers.

Saison, spiced and refreshing beer, produced seasonally.

Belgian Pale Ale, amber beer with a British influence.

Belgian Strong Ale, with a high alcoholic volume (Blond Ale, Dubbel, Tripel, Dark Strong Ale).

Biere de Garde, literally “cellar beer”, because it was traditionally preserved in underground rooms to be drink during summer.

Blanche o Witbier, white beer.

Dubbel, beer with a brown colour produced with the use of candied sugar.

Tripel, beer with a strong golden yellow colour, pretty alcoholic and dry.

High fermentation beers: German area

Altbier, beer with a copper colour, which name derives from the production technique “Alt”.

Kolsh, beer with a low alcoholic volume that comes from Cologne

Weizen, beer produced completely or just a part, with wheat malt with a typical perfume of banana and clove.


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