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Do you love cooking? Make your house a home restaurant

If you love spending your free time cooking, you don’t loose an episode of Master Chef and you like staying with your friends around the table, the Home Restaurant is the good solution for you!

It is the new frontier of the cuisine… in a home version! Home Restaurant consists in transforming your house and cuisine in a casual restaurant to welcome and delight your friends, acquaintances and unknown people, like tourists and travelers.

A chef at your place!

Transforming your house in a home restaurant is the last trend. You don’t need big castles or professional kitchens, it is sufficient to set the table in your dining room or in your living room with your best dishes that you are able to cook!

You would share the evening and the food in good company, relying on the culinary abilities of the owner, that can choose what to cook within traditional, ethnic or fusion according to your needs.

Your Home Restaurant starts from the Social

How to find a home restaurant for a gourmet evening? Start from the web! Advertising, promotion and reservation occur online. You should look for the profiles of the Home Restaurants on the social networks and through Facebook or the website you can reserve.

This isn’t something illegal, all is regulated and clear, now Home Restaurant is a kind of culinary entertainment spread all over Europe. There are portals and communities where you can register your cuisine ready to host foodies and travellers, specifying menu and features of your dishes. In Italy is the most popular platform with more than thousand of home chefs spread in more than a hundred of Italian cities.

At Home Restaurant there’s something for everyone’s fancy

The most beautiful thing is that you can open your own home casually, for themed evenings or special occasions, or periodically, for example in the weekends changing menus and recipes as you like. And for the drinks? The solution, in fashion in the United Kingdom, is the BYO: bring your own drink!

home restaurant

Home Restaurant from Cuba to New York passing through London

Guerrilla! It is the motto of the clandestine restaurant born in the Big Apple: temporary, hidden and illegal where it was possible to taste food specialities and delicacies with the shiver of the Secret Event is a home environment, in loft, industrial sheds and houses.

In Europe the phenomena of the Home Restaurant starts in London, in the cuisine of Ms Marmite Lover, London photographer that in 2009 begins to open the doors of her house for dinners as a starred chef. Today, her table is so popular that it becomes a phenomenon among the online food bloggers.

A good example of Home Restaurant is the custom of Case Particular in Cuba where the idea of hosting people for dinner in yards is now pretty affirmed. Sheltered by palms and tropical flowers of private houses it is possible to taste the best dishes of the island. Excellent female chefs cook lobster, fish cooked in coconut milk, grilled food and traditional bean soups, candied homemade fruit and amazing smoothies of papaya and guava. The best restaurants are hidden in the streets of Trinidad and Santiago.

casa particular Cuba

And in Italy? The phenomena is growing, if you are travelling or you want a different Saturday evening try this new experience and you want be disappointed! Surf the web and find the Home Restaurant that like you most.

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