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Homebrew kit

kit per la birra artigianale
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Homebrew kit to produce beer at home

Be patient and buy a kit. In the last 10 years there are always more people that decided to produce their own beer. And we are not talking about small craft breweries, but we mean real passionate that produce beer at home, for themselves or for some friends, for a party or to drink it regularly.

How to produce homemade beer?

Actually home brewing, which is the technique to produce beer at home is not that complicated, it is sufficient to pay attention, be patient and to buy a homebrew kit. The kit is fundamental for the beginners, because it allows to skip the most complicated process, the mashing. You can start directly with a basic preparation for beer to dilute in the water, and then continue with the next steps: fermenting and bottling.

kit per la birra artigianale bottiglie - EFW

What does a homebrew kit contain?

It is possible to buy homebrew kit from specialized websites or from the best shops of bricolage and DIY. The more a kit is equipped, the most required it is: from empty bottles, to the pan for the boiling and the fermenter (the best kits have two fermenters for a double fermentation), and the sanitization. And, naturally there are the instructions and some recipes to produce a good beer.

Follow the instructions step by step and monitor the fermenter, where you have to connect the tap, the airlock. Then, it is preferable a good cleaning of the kit, not only for a sanitary matter, but also for a good final result. For this reason, the kit offers also products for the sanitization, which means for the elimination of the germs that can develop on the different parts of the kit.

Different home brewing methods

There are different methods for home brewing: homebrew kits aren’t all the same but all of them contain the so-called hopped preparation. It is contains the ready-to-use must that need to be diluted and then fermented. This kit is required and perfect for who come close to the home brewing for the first time because it represent an easy way to produce beer. In any case, it allows to experience the phases of fermentation and the methods of cleaning and managing of the different parts of our “brewery”. Moreover, the best kits produces a good starting must and for this reason the final result is always not that bad. There is, then, a non-hopped method called also E+G that allow to characterize better the beer produced, defining its colour, the body and naturally the taste.

kit per la birra artigianale in casa - EFW

This way to produce beer is a little more complex, but it is easily replicable, using some of the tools given inside the kit, and buying something new. The third method to produce beer on your own is more difficult, it is called AG. It requires to reply at home all the steps of a professional microbrewery thanks to the use of machines smaller than the professional ones. This last method to produce beer, as you can image, requires time and above all a great experience, study, and beer culture.

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