How to prepare tasty dishes with tofu

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Some tofu in the fridge? Here it is what you can do with it!

We have already talked about vegetable protein and tofu, but now the real question is: how to cook tofu? Maybe in an appetizing and tasty way, avoiding delusions of the diners with the classic tasteless palette, mildew and unpleasant odor.

If you like to change your diet and alternate with meat also plant proteins like tofu or seitan but you do not know how to cook follow our mini-guide with quicky tips and recipes to put tofu in tasty and inviting ways.

How to cook tofu and turn it into a tasty food!

Let’s face it, tofu does not have a great flavor and scent, but if you evaluate this absence of distinct aromas as a premium and not a flaw you will appreciate its predisposition to absorb the aromas of other foods and seasonings and its total versatility in the dishes: you can use it for first and second courses, and even dessert and cakes.

Tasting Tips:

  • Marinating: Tofu absorbs flavors. Therefore you have the possibility to marinate it with what you like. We suggest the classic version: oil, lemon, salt, basil pepper and garlic; oriental: soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil, lime and onion; tasty: balsamic vinegar, oil, garlic, red onion, provencal aromas with oregano, thyme, salt, pepper, chili.
  • Right consistency: there are many types of tofu, from silken to budding and watery consistency, to almost creamy creams, Tofumines in compact tofu oil. Choose the one that is suitable for the preparation: for the pasta sauces and the tarts prefer the silken or the creamy, for chesecake and stuffing the thick but creamy, and for diced vegetables, salads and fried cubes in the pan the compact tofu.
  • Boiling: to remove the bitter taste, boil it for a few minutes in warm water and sprinkle with a few drops of lemon or vinegar.
  • Mixed ingredients: if the insipid flavor does not convince you, mix it with other ingredients with strong flavors like olives, dried tomatoes, and vegetables in oil, and add it to rich recipes instead of meat like lasagna, stuffed with panzerotti or omelettes with vegetables and cheeses.
    tofu recipes

tofu ricette

Clever recipes to give tofu flavor

Tofu Pakora

Indian Aperitif? Cut mixed vegetables (zucchini, onions, carrots, potatoes, broccoli) and bake them for a few minutes, mix with tofu compact cubes and dive them all in a chopsticks made with chickpea, water and plenty of spices: curcuma, curry, cumin, chili pepper. Let it rest for 20 minutes and fry in seed oil. Perfect with a fresh Prosecco.

Mediterranean pennette with tofu

A tasty seasoning for your pasta? Grate roughly with creamy and tofu with green and black olives, capers, dried tomatoes, basil and spicy oil.

Chili Tofu

Cerveza and chili? You do with tofu. Just replace the meat with a tough and well-compacted tofu. Squash garlic and plenty of onion in the pan, add red peppers, crumble tofu with your hands and season with salt, chili pepper and paprika. After a few minutes add the black beans and let them cook for a few minutes before adding tomatoes and if you like other spices. Serve the chili with tortilla and frozen beer!

tofu cake

Tofu Cheesecake

If you want to finish your dinner with a light and vegan sweet try using tofu!

For the base of the cheesecake mix 300 g of dried biscuits with 50 g of butter, margarine and rest in the fridge. For the cream stir 400 g of tofu, 200 g of soy cream, 120 g of sugar, vanilla and orange peel and 25 g of starch or maize. Pour the cream on the base and bake for half an hour at 180°.

Try this recipes and you will change your mind: a great ingredients for great dishes!

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