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An explosion-proof beer!

Have you ever opened a bottle covering your hands (and the table) of foam?
Who works in a pub, knows very well what I am talking about… to tap a bottle and be able to pour it in a thousandth of seconds in the glass rather on the client!
This phenomenon has interested some scholars that they have even found it a name: gushing, from gush.
According to some Belgian scholars of the Centre for food and Microbial Technology of Brussels, it can be possible to solve the problem easily, subjecting the extract of hop to a magnetic field.

How to open beer: why the foam rises?

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Inside the beer there can be hydrophobins, that are proteins that rise above all when the cereals used to produce beer, are contaminated by moulds, because of the humidity. The hydrophobins fall on the bottom of the liquid and are embraced by the carbon dioxide inside the beer, in the form of melted gas. During the opening the gas is transformed into bubbles that rise, producing the foam. The more the bubbles are small, the less the foam will rise. The more hydrophobins there are, the more there will be the explosive effect.

How to open a beer: the solution of the Centre for Food and Microbial technology of Brussels

As we said in advance in the introduction, according to the Centre for Food and Microbial Technology of Brussels, it is sufficient to subject the hop to a magnetic treatment that won’t affect neither the taste nor the nutritive profile of the drink but that, unfortunately, is difficult to apply on an industrial scale as it is too expensive.

How to open a beer: a less difficult solution

The easiest solution at the core of this problem is to choose the best quality of the raw material, in order to avoid the production of moulds that are at the core of the raising of hydrophobins.

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