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How to serve wine

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How to serve wine to enhance its organoleptic properties

Everyone loves this elixir of long life and there are many people that say to know very well how to serve wine and how to preserve it.

Small guide to the magic world of wine

Wine always fascinates and enchant men and women from all over the world. There have been written many books about how to produce, how to preserve and how to serve wine and each of them has a main aim: teach how to turn a simple action into a unique and unforgettable experience.
From the bunch of grape to the stem, the wine covers a long path to become a precious nectar that satisfy our palate, our needs and feed our spirit. In the past, a British writer keen on wines was asked how to hold a bottle while pouring the wine, and he answered: “steady!”. Besides the joke, it is important to highlight the fact that pouring wine in a glass is not that easy and it is common to make mistake in serving wine.

A flawless service

When we go to the restaurant we often order bottles of high quality wine to pair our meal. The sommeliers know very well the world of wines and they know very well how to hold the bottle and serve the wine. The first rule, one of the most important, is to show always the label, in order to inform the client of the name of the wine before tasting it.
First of all, pour a small quantity in the glass and wait that the guest taste and try it, to approve the wine, then serve the wine starting from the right. As for the bottles of bocksbeutel it is necessary to place the thumb on the label keeping the flat part up.
The bottles of spumante or champagne can be sustained from the bottom, pushing the thumb towards the bottom. While, the Champagne bottles have to be covered with a towel or the big bottles need to be hold with two hands. Anyway, this way of pouring wine is compulsory at the restaurant but it is a bit odd during a dinner with friends.

The right moment to open a bottle

There are some rules about the right moment to open the bottles, for instance both Champagne and spumante or white wines have to be opened just before the service. Red wines, especially the aged ones, have to be uncorked in advance, to enhance their organoleptic properties to reduce the smell of “close”, in the bottle.
The right time to decant wine increase according to the period of aging. It is better to pour the wine in a decanter or a jar to speed up the oxygenation. Following our suggestions, your glass of wine will be an amazing sensory experience.

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