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How to store a bottle of wine in the best way

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Suggestions on how to store a bottle of wine once it is opened

It is always a good idea to open a bottle of wine during a dinner with friends, with your partner or alone, to make the evening more special.

One chat led another and it is easy to finish the bottle, but sometimes it can be that some wine is left.

The question is: it is possible to store a bottle of wine once that it is opened? How to store it in the best way? How long does the wine last?

The oxidation of wine

To store a wine, it is fundamental to keep in mind the first element that can affect its process of decomposition, it is the oxygenation.

Once uncorked, the oxygenation can help the wine to release its taste and smells in the right way, making it perfect to the palate.
However, the process of oxidation doesn’t stop and, till the moment that the wine is in contact with the air, this will affect the wine, flattening the taste.

How to preserve a opened bottle of wine

It is possible to store a bottle of wine, even if the taste will be always the same for less than 3 days.
The best way to store wine of a opened bottle is using a tool that you can find for sale in the recent times in all the main household shops that removing the air in the bottle, it closes hermetically impeding the wine to be ruined.

Otherwise, consider that the oxidation, once started it can’t be stopped, this tool can simply decrease the process of oxidation of the wine and you can preserve it for almost 3 days.

Without this tool, it is advisable to place a cork or steel stopper, avoiding rubber or plastic that absorb the aromas, flattening the taste of the wine.
They are not suggested because not so efficient, closer to the old says that a steel teaspoon placed inside the bottle is able to preserve taste and bubbles.
Finally, to guarantee the right preservation of the wine, it is fundamental to store the bottle in the fridge, above all if the wine is white and the season is hot.

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Different ways to preserve wine

Not all the wines have to be preserved in the same way once they are opened. In general, the rule is that with a greater alcoholic volume and higher sugary degree, the bottle can be stored for a longer period of time. A bottle of passito or liquorish wine if it is corked in the right way, can be preserved for some weeks.

But also the quality can influence the lasting of the preservation: a wine with a greater quality can last for a longer period of time. Some prestigious wines give their best the day after their opening, perfectly reacting to the process of oxidation.

On the contrary, a simple table wine or a homemade wine will lose its aroma the day after the bottling, becoming as vinegar.

The only possibility to taste a good wine till the last drop is to invite all your friends and share with them the wine, responsibly, all together, having fun.

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