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Investing in wine

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Is it convenient to invest in wine?

A surprisingly way to bear fruit of your money? Invest in wine!

Maybe you don’t know that there is a surprising way of financial investment instead of the traditional stocks, BOT, BTP, precious metal or precious stones: investing in wine.

Bottiglia Dom Perignon 1976 - EFW

It will surprise you in different ways: investing in wine can have an exceptional financial output, even with a low initial capital and the protection of the capital is sure.

And if it doesn’t work, you can open the bottle to celebrate a special event! Thus, there are lots of famous economists that declare that it is advisable to spend a small percentage of money in wine.

Hints of history, investments in vintage bottles

Investing in bottles of high quality wine isn’t something new. In fact, in the history of the auctions there is the first selling of Madeira and Bordeaux wines in the late 1766.

In the past it was possible just for extremely aged wine, but today it can be a good investment to buy wines bottled also less than 10 years ago

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