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Italian wines vs. French wines

vini francesi contro vini italiani
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Italian wines vs. French wines: the endless debate

The debate between Italy and France about their wines is something endless. Two lands of wine making that fight for the first position since time immemorable and it seems to not find a solution.

France and Italy: main exporters in the world

With any doubt France and Italy compete for the first place as major exporters of wine in the world. But also this market is affected by the negative effect of the financial crisis, after years of growth, Italian wine seems to be more resistant than the French one. During the 2013 the french exportations recorded an important growth, the year closed with a U-turn going back to the data of 2012. In particular, they export towards the United States, the greatest importers in the world, which purchase volume has reduced of 6% in 2013. Italy increased its exportations of 5.5% and 9% considering just Spumante wines. Italy increased its selling towards China of 11% and even of 86% for Spumante wines, whereas France registered a decrease of 12.5%. Finally, if the 63% of the importations towards Russia comes from Italy, the French data decreas at 27%.

Italian wines vs. French wines: common features

Even if France and Italy are in competition in the matter of leadership, they have lots in common in the matter of wines. If the new producers like United States or Canada work for a market with a low level without caring for the quality, Italy and France are both countries with an oenological culture that comes from ancient times and it has been reinforced during the years. In this countries, the love and passion for wine and for the cultivation of the vineyards are important characteristics of the local culture, a care that reflects on high quality products.

French wines: the best in the higher category

The French production is almost based on some high quality wines. Think, for instance, to french Champagne, a spumante obtained through the classic method and considered precious and luxury. It was a french monk named Dom Perignon the inventor of this amazing drink is among the most known and appreciated wineries. It is located in Remis (French Marna), where it was mainly used the variety of pinot noir. Or it is sufficient to think about the exception Bordeaux, one of the most loved French wines all over the world and produced in the city with the same name, along the rivers Gonna and Dordogne. Available in the versions red, dry white and liquorish, this wines derives from the use of the vine varieties Cabernet franc, Merlot and Sauvignon. 

Italian wines: the best wines of the intermediate category

vini francesi contro vini italiani e il barolo - EFW

Once we stated the that the French wines are amazing, it is compulsory to say that the production in France tend to be not that dynamic, extremely tied to the tradition and focused just on the most popular products that represent a small production.
On the other side, Italy is open to experiment and able to produce less complex wines that can satisfy the different needs. Some Italian wines, like Prosecco can compete with French Champagne for their quality, they are less expensive but they can give sensory experience of unique perfumes and tastes. The list of Italian wines is endless and they aren’t second to none: just to mention some of them, think about Brunello diMontalcinoBarolo or Sassicaia.


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