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metodi di cottura sani
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The risks of a wrong cooking

Grilled and fried food are delicious… we have to admit it and it is difficult to resist! It is necessary to know that there are more healthy cooking methods, simple and able to maintain all the taste and the properties of the food.

Choose the best cooking methods!

With grilled or fried food and hot pan, there is the risk to face negative effects caused by a wrong cooking. These methods, in fact take the food’s main nutrients making them difficult to digest and dangerous, because of the harmful substances created by the action of the heat on the food.

For instance, grilling can cause carbonation or the creation of polymers while frying. But also there is the risk to destruct vitamins and the thermolabile fats, sensitive to the heat, as vitamin C and B, or the destruction of essential amino acids in the long cooking and, loosing important vitamins and mineral salts while boiling.

Each food has its cooking method

It is better to eat grilled and fried food once in a while, not daily. You should prefer, instead these healthy ways to cook your food.

Steaming cook

It is the healthier way ever, that foresees the cooking of the food through hot steam obtained from water, broth or flavoured and spiced water. The food, without coming into contact with the hot liquid, preserves all its nutritive properties. It doesn’t destruct vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts. This cooking method, even if it is long, doesn’t need fats, like oil and butter and it is perfect for the hypo caloric diets. It is perfect to cook vegetables, fish and rice.

metodi di cottura


Also this cooking, that works soaking completely the food into water, doesn’t foresees fats and avoid the alteration of the food, keeping it healthy. Unlike the steam, however, the direct contact with water cause a greater dispersion, even if limited, of some nutritive properties like vitamins and mineral salts. But the solution is simple: it is sufficient to use that water to prepare broth or soups. The advantages? The food remains light and healthy and the cooking method is simple, fast and doesn’t require particular efforts. Moreover it is perfect for all the types of food.


This cooking method, like the steam, doesn’t change the structure of the chemical bonds, preventing to transform the food making it harmful. On the contrary, it is light and healthy; bain-marie consists in placing the food in a steel or glass bowl that is soaked in boiling water. The slow cooking, thanks to the induction of heat, allows a delicate cooking, never aggressive, that leave to the food all its taste and nutritive principles.


This is another great cooking method that makes the food tasty and savoury. The high temperatures, never above 240°, don’t change the chemical bonds, creating a crust on the surface with a limited lost of nutritive principles. Moreover, this easy and versatile cooking removes all the toxins, spores and bacteria making the food safe and easy to digest.
Pay attention, however, to not burn the surface of the food. In this case, as for the grill, the carbonized food is dangerous and harmful, becoming carcinogenic.

Vary, to not get bored!

The most beautiful thing in cuisine is that creativity and fantasy reign! Thus, if up to now you focused on the grilled and pan cooking methods, try to add also these methods that will make your diet healthier and light! Varying is the secret for a healthy and tasty cooking.

And why not? Sometimes give yourself a good fried food without burnings!

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