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Malanotte del Piave DOCG

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The DOCG wine “Piave Malanotte” or “Malanotte del Piave”

In chronological order, the DOCG wine Piave Malanotte or Malanotte del Piave is the last wine that entered the list of high quality wines of Veneto.
Thanks to this recognition the region boasts 11 certification, achieving the second position after Piedmont for its number of DOCG recognitions.

The grapes addressed to the production of the DOCG wine have to be produced in the territory of Piave, except for the areas that for their soil or position are not suitable for the production of high-quality wine. The area encloses lots of municipalities in the province of Treviso and Venezia.
In this territory, the tradition of the cultivation of the vine can be dated back to 181 BC, after the Romans build the consular way Postumia.
The name of DOCG Piave Malanotte or Malanotte del Piave derives from Borgo Malanotte, a medieval village located in Tezze di Piave (TV) that is the beating heart of the production of this wine.

Ampeloraphy and production

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The DOCG wine Piave Malanotte or Malanotte del Piave has to be produced with grapes coming from the vine varieties of Raboso Piave for at least the 70% and Raboso Veronese for a maximum of 30% with the possibility to substitute Raboso Veronese till the 5% with other red berry varieties among the ones cultivated in the provinces of Treviso and Venice.
A selection of grapes among 15% and 30% has to wither, then it is pressed and, before being sold, the wine is subjected to a period of ageing of a minimum of 36 months, 12 of which in barrel and 4 months in the bottle that allow it to have an intense ruby red colour with violet shades, tending to dark red thanks to the ageing and the typical perfume of spiced marasca cherry.

Characteristics and pairing of DOCG Malanotte del Piave

The consumers really appreciate this wine that became famous thanks to its certification.
DOCG Malanotte del Piave has an intense ruby red colour with violet shades, tending to dark red thanks to the ageing, typical smell of marasca and/or cherry, pretty spiced and savoury taste, typical with possible wooden notes.
It is better to serve it in wide stems at 20°C and gives its best if paired with important dishes such as red meat and games or seasoned cheeses.

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