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Mongozo, a fair trade beer

Serie di birre Mongozo sulla sabbia - Enjoy Food & Wine
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Mongozo, an exotic beer, traditional and with ingredients coming from the fair trade

Mongozo means “cheers!” in the dialect of the African tribe Chokwe. Starting from the name it is possible to understand that this brand wants to build a bridge among different cultures. In fact it is placed on a beer produced by a region in the Eastern Flanders of Belgium by the Huyge brewery (producer of the Delirium Tremens, Delirium Nocturnum, La Guillotine), following a traditional African recipe imported in the 1993 by Henrique Kabia.
Thus, it combines ancient traditions and new production techniques, to produce new and exotic beers with all the characteristics of the fair trade reality.

Mongozo: a fair trade beer

Five out of six Mongozo beers are authorized to put in their label the logo Max Havelaar/ Fairtrade. Max Havelaar is an international charity association, which represent the Fairtrade movement in the French territory.
The Fairtrade system was built, for years, on the “trade, not aid” principle. The aim is to allow the producers to stop being the passive part becoming the active part of the international trade. The label has the name of the main character of a colonialist novel of the XIX century, famous in the Netherlands: Max Havelaar called Multatuli (from the Latin “I suffered a lot”). Fairtrade/Max Haveelar allows the producers and peasants of 63 countries to live with the results of their work. Mongozo uses the ingredients bought by the peasants of the developing countries with a fair price. In this way, the peasants and their families are able to manage their activity and their life towards a better future.

Mongozo beers

Mongozo zucca a fiasco - Enjoy Food & Wine

Mongozo beers are exotic beers, produced using exotic ingredients. There are five available flavours:
– Quinua, with a brownish-gold colour and a quinoa taste (a gluten free grain);
Banana, traditional beer of the Masai population of Kenya and Tanzania;
Coconut, opalescent beer, fermented in the bottle, exotic and with a coconut flavour;
Mango, beer with a blond-orange beer with a fruity taste of mango;
Palm Nut, beer with a reddish-blond colour, considered as the modern version of the traditional beer of Angola.
Moreover the Mongozo produces also a biological, gluten free and fair-trade Premium Pils. According to the tradition, the Mongozo is drunk from the Calabash that is the shell of this fruit without the pulp.

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