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Eating healthy: tasty and smell of the natural cuisine.

Eating in the right way preserve the heath of our body.

Before talking about recipes, it is necessary to understand the basic principles of this concept. To define it, we can say that it is the type of cuisine that prefer the use of not treated products and that respect the nature of the food and the people that have to eat it. Shortly, this type of cuisine prefers vegetable proteins without giving up to eat the animal ones.

Who choose it, prefer this kind of food instead of the refined one. Moreover, the recipes that respect that natural style use ingredients like seeds, buds and spices. Before cooking and propose a recipe, it is useful to find the right pairing. The important thing is to allow the nutritive substances contained inside the dishes to be completely absorbed by the intestine. Thinking about it, the main principles of this cuisine are the same of our forefathers. In fact, they respect, without knowing it, the rules of the good diet.

The classic example is the grandmother that seasoned the spinaches with lemon juice, it is one of the many principles of the natural cuisine. In fact, the lemon, rich in Vitamin C, allow the assimilation of the iron contained in the spinach. On the contrary, tomato inhibits the assimilation of the iron. Pairing it with a slice of veal, the quantity that our liver can assimilate is reduced. This are just some example, but they are able to represent in the best way the importance to know some fundamental rules. Following this simple rules we can influence in a positive way the health of our body and our wellness

How to use the natural cuisine to preserve our health and the one of our planet

“The nature is perfect in everything it does!”
Here you are a sentence that it is difficult to criticize. This is why the cuisine that respect the natural principles can’t be wrong. Giving the right importance to what you eat means to continue the excellent work that the nature has done. Natural cuisine is not necessarily vegetarian, vegan or raw but it combine together and balance all these way of living. Knowing the environmental impact of our food choice we can make the right choice!
Many times the answers are expected whereas in other cases they are not. Why should a person choose an apple with a bad appearance? Why is is better to eat a perfect fruit under an aesthetic point of view? Because the first one could be cultivated, picked and preserved without using any chemical help whereas the second one can have preservatives. The beauty is not always synonym of nature.
O miles ingredients help us to reduce our environmental impact and preserve the quality of the food. As the time pass, they loose the majority of their nutritive properties. Someone says that the cuisine is a good way to start changing the world. Making the right choice we can use the purchase as a political choice. We will avoid, in this way, the extreme exploitation of the hydric resources of the planet and the animals.

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