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Natural wine: just healthy or good as well?

It is easy to confuse biological wines with natural wines. These last ones aren’t regulated laws or a specific regulation, they can be defined as wines in compliance with the rules of the nature, the territory and the culture where they come from.

Following the natural cycles of the vines the producers of natural wines don’t use chemical substances, neither during the growth of the bunches, nor in the winery during the delicate phase of “transformation” of the grapes into wine.

Thus, a natural wine is not treated neither with acidity correctors nor with sulfurous dioxide (it is obviously allowed the one produced by the must itself during the fermentation).
Naturally, as they lack in chemical addictive, above all during the cultivation, it doesn’t allow industrial productions. But this is the point: who produces this type of wine is never an entrepreneur ready to assault the market, but a farmer-environmentalist, which main aim is to respect the environment and the creation of an healthy produce.

The pleasure to drink a natural wine

Natural wine has a series of advantages not only tied to the awareness of drinking a product without chemical substances. The first benefit, in fact, is in favour of the vine and the environment.

For this reason, who decide to produce a natural wine is making above all an environmentalist choice, strictly tied with the vine and the soil.

Then, the second benefit will be for the human being that drink it, that will notice immediately the first thing, you can drink this wine without those annoying headaches after two or three glasses. In particular, as it lacks of chemical elements and sulfur dioxide it doesn’t the typical have side effects.

Where it is possible to find natural wine?

Natural wine is always more cherished even if it will be difficult to find it in a wine shop or a supermarket.

The process of production itself, in fact doesn’t allow to obtain big numbers to be distributed in the market of the wine.

Moreover, natural wine is the expression of the territory where it is produced and it makes no sense to remove it from the territory where it is produced. For this reason, natural wines can be tasted in the wineries that produce it, local restaurants and specific events.

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