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The 5 oddest restaurants in Milan

ristoranti milano
Written by EFW Staff

The 5 oddest restaurants in Milan for your dinners and happy hour

In Milan, international city of fashion, but also food & wine that put you to the test! You will have to possibility to find odd restaurant that offers real food & wine sensory experiences. Both for its atmosphere, for the furniture and the unique characteristics of food and beverage served. Therefore if you are in Milan, pay a visit!

On the Tram of ATMosfera


An ancient green and gold coach that cross the centre of Milan, no seats but nice tables served with elegance to the clients.ATMosfera is the name of this coach of a tram, changed into a restaurant with all the comfort: from the bathroom to a wardrobe and here you can taste a typical menu of Milan, both vegetarian and with fish.

Nottingham Forest Bar

ristoranti strani Milano

Azoto, cristal cubes, branded perfumes vaporized in the face, infusion and molecular cooking, smoked cocktails, alcoholic capsule to melt on the tongue and boxes of spirits with dropper to create on your own your Pollock Drink!
Thus, if you have opened your eyes wide and you are curious, pay a visito to this bar in the futuro. Cocktail as you have never seen and taste for a real sensory experience. Add the furnitures that are a mix african, Caribic, tropical for a foreign atmosphere.


Dialog in the dark is the second name of this bar, absolutely particular when during the happy hour, the lights go out to turn on all the other senses… put your sight aside!


Raise your hands and down with the cutlery! At Maggiolino’s knives and forks are forbidden, you have to eat everything with the hands. 800 seats, it is the greatest finger food restaurant in Europe, specialized in dinners with friends, themed evenings and parties. With a cheerful and happy atmosphere, this place is perfect to have fun with friends and organize long tables where you have to eat everything with your hands, both grilled meat, cheese or dessert!

Mangiari di Strada

ristoranti Milano

Gnumareddi, arancine, panini ca’ meusa, arrosticini, panelle, the best street food of Italy enclosed in a restaurant! Street food lovers you are not dreaming, this happens in this peculiar restaurant dedicated to the traditional street food coming from the different regions of Italy. Coda alla vaccinara, polpo alla Luciana or sarde beccafico? You can choose among a wide range of finger-licking dishes

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