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PETit Chef from the pan to the dog bowl!

This is the idea of the two founders Barbara Martin and Viviana Merstriner: passionate chef and pet lovers. It is not a joke; we often underestimate the nutrition of our animals giving them any type of industrial dry food or leftovers. Eating well interests everybody and it is not only a trend but a lifestyle. TV programmes, Blog and magazines specialized on Food & Beverage has spread our food culture, influencing our way of eating.

Thus, if we pay attention to our food and how we cook it, why shouldn’t we pay the same care for our four-paws friends?

PETit CHEF give birth to the desire of healthy eating also for dogs and cats, animals with obesity problems or food intolerance or allergic diseases?

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We are in Treviso, the biologist Barbara after lots of years of work in the health sector found the support Viviana because they love animals in the same way. They understand those caring owners that usually fight for the health of their pets between veterinary therapies and poor quality dry food.
Often we don’t have enough time to cook neither for us, imagine if we are able to cook for our hairy friends. PETit Chef meets this need and it will be possible to buy dry food, biscuits but also humid food and snacks.

A PETit CHEF shop

Confezioni di Crocchette artigianali Petit Chef

The shop appears as a modern and warm room, animals are welcome and the kitchen is in view!

Here everything is prepared to follow the needs of dogs and cats, diversity of race and lifestyle. First of all they rely on relevant scientific texts to determine the specific nutritive needs for cats and dogs, not only for their calorie counts but also vitamins and mineral salts. In this Gourmet food shop it is possible to prepare a personalized diet for your puppy. The ingredients aren’t substitutes of what we generally eat but high quality raw materials. Barbara states that we could even eat what they prepare for our pets, because everything is really genuine.

Preserving the products of PETit CHEF is not a problem, the food is dried and cooked in order to last for a long period of time, even if we guarantee that our four-paws friends will literally go crazy and you will come back within few days.

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