Picnic… King of spring

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Spring…time of Picnic

Sun, grass and a basket full of delicatessen. We are talking about Picnic! Both adults and children love it and it is the perfect solution for Sunday’s meal during spring. Cold dishes are prepared in advance and consumed in a beautiful garden full of flower. Together with the taste of the dishes there is the pureness of the air.

How Picnic is born

Which are the origins of these cherished culinary moments? Picnic was born in France and the word derives from the French verbs “piquer” (to nibble) and “nique” (not important). This French term appears for the first time in literature, as Tony Wills says at the end of the XVII century. In the middle of the following century it was called, in the written pages, as we call it today: Picnic!

The long story of Picnic

Even if in the first years picnic was used by the nobility during their trips or while hunting, in ‘800 it becomes a great way to stay together for the middle class that started to transform the daily meals in pleasant and healthy open air moments.

Along the river, in the countryside or on the beach, in the XIX century there is a real spreading of the picnic. If on one side, it continues to be a kind of social networks, in parks or countryside outside the city; on the other side, it becomes an oasis of intimacy for the young couples seated near the river or hidden on flower gardens.

Picnic for all the tastes!

Nowadays, Picnic can be as you like most and you can choose dishes to prepare. Follow our suggestions to organize a picnic at the top!

Gold rules for the perfect Picnic

1- Masterful organization. Prepare everything in advance: make a list of the necessary things and fill the wicker basket with the food divided into a container and beverages. Then, pay attention to the useful details: waterproof ground cloth, towel and wicker mat; but also anti-mosquito cream, rubbish bags, cushions and blankets.

2- The right food. Forget macaroni with tomato sauce and backed pasta! Today’s picnic is rich in cold dishes, light and tasty, like hummus and vegetable creams with croutons, savoury pies with vegetables, mixed salads with quinoa or spelt, crudité with oil dip, cold cuts and cheeses, savoury croissants and finally be creative with muffins and cake pops!

3- Hot and cold beverages. Do not forget the fridge for beer, juices, beverages and water, or a thermos for teas, infusions and coffee. If you want to give a creative and healthy touch to your picnic prepare smoothies, centrifuges or juices. The last trend? Green smoothie with cucumber, spinaches, green apple and half a banana for a refill of health! And finally, a must in Italy is a good Prosecco Cartizze!

4 – Bring and share! Picnic has to be a special day, thus avoid marathons in the kitchen, and prefer the good rule of the potluck, where each guest bring something to share with the others. This custom allows to have a mix of diverse dishes to satisfy all the tastes: carnivorous, vegetarian and vegan would have something to eat!


5- Details are important! So that the right company and the perfect place. Picnic is just for the lover of the nature, of the frugality and the pleasure to stay together even seated on the ground! Finally, take into consideration the place, if it is a hot day, choose a shaded place, with trees and why not next to a river. If you have children choose a garden where they can play and finally, if you prefer a barbecue rather than cold dishes, be sure that there are equipped areas.

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