Polpo alla Catalana: Sardinia on the table!

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Polpo alla catalana: Italian tradition, foreign influences

In this period of holiday we cannot talk about the typical dishes of the best seaside location in Italy to breath their magical taste, and why not to think about a future holiday.

Hotel-Punta-Negra-Alghero-Sardegna-AlgheroToday, we are in Alghero, in the province of Sassari, a city that attract every year thousand of Italian and foreign tourists, fascinated by the architectures of the city characterized by Spanish inspiration and the amazing sea, that give unforgettable holidays.
Alghero is famous also for its culinary tradition dedicated above all to the sea that touch its coasts and that assure fresh catches every day for high quality dishes. Among the typical recipes of the tradition of Sardinia stands Polpo alla Catalana (Catalana-style octopus), a recipe that combine together the love for the products of the sea and the history of the place. In fact the Catalans dominated Alghero for more than 400 years and it continues to carry on the proof of that period, both in the city and the dishes.

Polpo alla catalana: recipe and preparation

Polpo alla Catalana is a fresh and perfumed recipe with boiled octopus, cherry tree, celery, Tropea onions, raw red belt pepper and olives to taste.


1 kg of octopus
3 stalks of celery
10 cherry tomatoes
8 pitted black olives
1/2 red belt pepper
1/2 yellow belt pepper
1/2 Tropea onion
1 carrot
1 bay tree
salt and pepper to taste



Boil the octopus for around an hour in a wide pan with salt and leaves of bay tree, cool down and dice. In the meantime dice the vegetables: celery, cherry tomato, olives, pepper, onion and carrot. In a bowl prepare the dressing with EVO oil, parsley, salt and pepper and mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl.
Complete with leaves of fresh basil.

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