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How to preserve wine in the fridge

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Preserving wine in the fridge, here you can find some important rules

Wine is subjected to the environmental condition to which it is subjected. It is a vulnerable drink, and for this reason it requires specific tricks aimed to avoid that it looses its organoleptic characteristics during the time. It is possible to preserve the wine in the fridge as long as some essential rules are followed, to avoid to compromise the aroma and the quality of the drink. We propose, thus, some practical suggestions about how to preserve in the right way the wine in the fridge.

Get an electric cellar

If you are a person with the hobby of collecting precious wines, or if you like a regular consumer it is better if you buy a refrigerator addressed to the wines, for the following reasons:
– Wine can take the aroma of the foods normally held in the fridge, changing its taste and fragrance;
– Wine is afraid of the light and heat changes, usually, the fridge is often opened and closed during the day enhancing the process of oxidation;
– The wine has to be preserved at a constant temperature between 12° and 24°C, the fridge at home, usually needs a temperature far below to preserve the food from the bacteria contamination.

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The importance of the hygrometer

It is important to keep a hygrometer in the environment where the wine is stocked. It has the role to monitor the humidity of the room. The most favourable conditions foresee a tax of humidity of the 70%. An environment with higher values can be a fertile place for dangerous moulds.

Time of preservation

Sealed bottles of white wines can be preserved in the fridge until a maximum period of 2 years. The acidity, that is higher in the red wines, instead, allows these wines to last for a longer period of time (generally from 2 to 10 years).

Conservare il vino in frigo, frigorifero cantinetta per vini moderno - EFW

Preserve the wine in the fridge: all that you have to know

The position of the bottle, the exposition to the direct light and the vibration are negative elements for a good preservation. Remind, thus, these important factors if you think to preserve the wine in the fridge at home:

– When you place the bottle, set it horizontally, so that the stopper is not dry, with the result to obtain a bad drink;

– – To avoid that the wine receive too much vibration, shakes and accidental movement, because it isn’t good for the liquid. When you buy it, take care of preserving it in the shelf of the electric cellar and serve it after few days, so that it can have back its natural equilibrium;

– Once tapped, preserve the bottle preserve it in the fridge just after using a specific tool for the vacuum-sealed, able to take the air off. Consume the drink within 5 days, especially for white wine;

– We remind that the wines should be served to certain temperature according to their nature in order to deeply appreciate the perfumes and tastes. The common red wines for sale can be served at 13°C whereas the precious red wines from 15° to 19°. Rosé and white preferable at a temperature between 8° and 14°; finally to have the best from a sparkling Spumante, it has to be served at a temperature between 6° and 8°C.

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