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Prosecco Made in Australia? No thank you!

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Written by EFW Staff

Prosecco is Made in Italy!

Some days ago, the Australian Trade Marks Office Geographical Indication released a sentence that give to the Australian wine producers to use a label with the writing “Prosecco” (as it already happens) despite the protests from the E. For the judges, “Prosecco” means the name of the vineyard, thus (in their opinion) it is legal to use this denomination in the label.

In Italy, since 2009 the problem has been solved introducing the synonym of Glera for the grape variety in order to distinguish the wine from the type of grape. In this way, Prosecco means just the wine produced within the area of the DOC.

We won’t bother you with the history of Prosecco (wine) and Glera (wine variety), that is strictly tied with our territory, but it could be useful to specify that Prosecco is the biggest DOC area in Italy and it comprehend all the provinces of Friuli and Veneto (except from Verona and Rovigo). In particular in Trieste there is a municipality called Prosecco, a small country that oversees the karst highland where one of the most popular wines comes from.

Moreover, the important DOCG of Conegliano – Valdobbiadene and Asolo with the amazing Cartizze hills give origin to the best expression of our great Spumante.

Vigne del territorio del prosecco

We should take as an example France with it Champenoise method, or Hungary with Tokaji, showing the history and tradition of the name Prosecco. Italy and UE should fight in order to change this Australian sentence, because it can create pretty much confusion.
As we have called “Metodo Classico” the Champenoise Method, and we called “Tai” or “Friulano” the Tokaji, thus also Australia should change the name to its wine.

Which one will be the next stage? Californian Chianti or Barolo Made in South Africa? No thank you!!

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