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Prosecco Millesimato, the result of special years

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Prosecco Millesimato, result of special years

Prosecco Millesimato is the result of special years and of the will to highlight the characteristics of the grapes.

Prosecco Grapes, for a high quality Spumante with a fine perlage

Grapes of Prosecco (called Glera) are pretty suitable for the production of Spumante. Prosecco found its ideal habitat in Veneto and Friuli, the place where it comes from, in fact it was born in the city with the same name.
When the grapes are ripened they have a wonderful gold colour that suppose a great production of wine. In oenology, then, it is known that not all the grape harvest are particularly exceptional. Despite the fact that Prosecco is a wine variety with a great aim, it suffers from spring frost and summer drought. Unfortunately, the climate of the last year is variable bringing suffering to the vineyards, that genetically where used to milder weather conditions.

Some possible causes of a bad year for Prosecco

Prosecco suffers from the jumps of temperatures, and therefore in some years the grapes can suffers of small grapes and flavescence.
Grapes are small when the grapes that belong to the same bunch are not developed in the same way. Some are still green, whereas others can be too big. This phenomenon happens when the weather conditions don’t allowed the plant to carry out its life cycle. When the soil is too cold it doesn’t allow the cells to grow. A thermal excess, on the other side, it causes a quick flowering with a deformation of the flower inside the sprout. The hydric stress, moreover, can cause a kind of competition between vegetative apparatus and reproductive apparatus to obtain the available water. As a result, the grapes won’t have the strength to develop their number and size.
The flascence, moreover, hit the vine. The leaves don’t rot but they have different colors and the sides wrap themselves up towards the bottom. Their consistency is like paper.

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Excellent years when it is possible to bottle Prosecco Millesimato

This explanations are necessary to understand the concept of an exceptional years. Years, which climate has been particularly kind, allow to obtain perfect ripened grapes, pretty homogenous. In this cases the grapes will be intact and the wine will have an excellent quality to seal the bottle with the caption “Millesimato”.
In fact, to sell a Millesimato Spumante wine it is necessary the 85% of the base wine both produced with grapes of the same year to indicate the “millesimo”.

Characteristics of a Prosecco Millesimato

Prosecco Millesimato is a high-quality Spumante wine. The extra-dry version is the most suitable to be labelled with this caption. It is a high quality product with a fine and elegant perlage . The visual analysis reveal a clear and transparent wine with bubbles that go up with the same lasting. The aromas are clean and easily recognizable. Among them it is possible to recognize the Golden apple, wisteria and rose. The taste is well balanced with acid notes and a strong sapidity that make it pleasant to the palate.

Suggested pairings

Prosecco Millesimato is ideal as aperitif, its fine taste tickle the palate above all if paired with cakes and focaccia. It is perfect with oysters and shellfish. Its well balanced sapidity support the sweet tendency of this product. White meats, without strong sauces, are perfect with Prosecco Millesimato.

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