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Liqueur of Veneto: Prugna

bicchiere liquore prugna
Written by EFW Staff

From the Venetian tradition the sweetness of Prugna

After Fragolino, Grappa Veneta and Maraschino, we talked about a famous spirit from Veneto. In the Atlantes of the typical regional drinks there is also the historical and famous liqueur called Prugna (in English, plum).
Sweet and pleasant, perfect at the end of the meal or paired with coffee, Prugna is a real institution in Veneto, with a long history and still well appreciated.

Prugna, liqueur since 1908

There are written witnesses of this liqueur that have passed down the history since 1908. In this year it is possible to date back the guide that explained and coded the specific production phases of Prugna. The guide has passed down until nowadays, keeping alive the tradition and the traditional art of distillation in Veneto.


Prugna: sweet, delicate and pleasant

Prugna, a typical production of the provinces of Padua and Venice, is obtained through the distillation of the plum juice, the common Prunus domestica that create a sweet liqueur with notes of apricots, almonds and dried fruit.
Its aromatic and sweet notes that make it a peculiar liqueur, which mix together delicacy, sweetness and rich perfume, characteristic of the Prunus’ fruits.

The official recipe

Few and simple ingredients: all starts from the juice of the fruits that is distilled with the typical alembic in copper (now industrial production uses huge steel distillers) by the master distiller. The liquid is then mixed with sugar, demineralized water, caramel and alcohol that can be a white Grappa of Veneto or an alcoholic distillate of cereals.
Once the mix is ready you don’t need long seasoning, after few days it is bottled and ready to be sold with a final alcoholic volume around 32° and 40°. The bottle has a warm amber and copper colour, slightly syrupy and pretty perfumed. The historical label make it easy recognizable at the first sight, a local history enclosed in a sweet liquid.

All starts from the fruit


It is characterised by a unique bouquet rich in perfumes, a perfect harmony of aromatic shades and a pleasant aroma to the palate. But which are the secrets of Prugna?

The quality and the organoleptic and olfactory peculiarity are given by the juice and the distillate of the starting fruits. The fruits are picked in the moment of the perfect ripening and they macerate and ferment. Once concluded the fermentation, is produced with the distillation of juices mixed with fruits and then with further alcohol and grappa.
The preservation and the continuous aromatic intensity are really important for a perfect final result. The intensity and the equilibrium of the perfume has a character that characterize the liqueur Prugna.

How to taste Prugna

The best way to appreciate this liqueur? Discover its traditional, local and authentic taste. Its sweet and pleasant taste and its low alcoholic volume make it perfect as pairing for biscuits and dried pastry, dried fruits as walnuts and almonds and coffee at the end of a meal. Perfect to taste purely, without ice, with typical dried Venetian biscuits like Bussolà and Zaetti.

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