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Craft beer: the production fly high

In the recent years, the production of craft beer take off so that the export from Italy to countries that are well known for their consumption of craft beer or that already produce this beer.
In Italy it isn’t a niche production anymore, where people produce beer in their spare time from work. Now it is possible to make it as a job. It is a dream that comes true and the brew master celebrate the increasing of awareness from the consumers that become passionate, curious, experts of craft beer. At the meantime, also restaurant and bar adjusted their offer in order to satisfy the needs of their clients that demand craft beer, well structured and with a strong flavour, things that a commercial beer can’t give!

Craft beer vs commercial beer: the differences

What do you think when you drink a commercial beer? Nothing! It is like drinking coloured bitter water, and neither a “good” bitter, characteristic of a Stout beer. This is the reason why beer doesn’t like to everyone, it is too bitter!
And when you taste a craft beer? It is a real sensory experience! The different perfumes and aromas that we can recognize, the characteristic colour, the more or less long persistency… drinking a craft beer is a combination of magic and deep sensations.
Let’s see now, what are the differences of these two types of beer and why they are so different!

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Craft beers are the result of passion and commitment; it is never the same because it is the result of studies and research. Raw materials are selected and fresh to be easily recognizable from the first sip. Moreover, given that they don’t have chemical preservatives it requires a pretty fast consumption. To go deep, we can rely on the words of the guru of Italian craft beer Lorenzo Dabove, aka Kuaska: “craft beer is a non filtered or pasteurized beer created with quality ingredients and without using substitutes, often served in places of the same geographical area”. The same characteristics have beer reaffirmed by the Chamber of Deputies at the beginning of 2016 with the editing of clause 4 article 2 of the law 16august 1962, to diversify and rule these two types of beer.

Commercial beer

On the other side, the commercial beer is both filtered and pasteurized to guarantee the higher consumption and eliminate all the different shades of the taste and aromas and to allow a serial production, flat, without particular aromas. Moreover, the great multinationals often, use chemical addictive, preservatives and substitutes of malt that allow to reduce the costs of production.

Commercial beer with a craft aim


The big giants of the commercial beer could not have an impression in front of the success of craft beer and they had an obvious reaction. They moved for a restyling of the packaging of their products to seem “crafty”, or some of them launched their line of craft beers. Actually, it is true that the main ingredients are water, barley malt and hop are selected and studied.

If also the big giants of the brew sector are following the trends of the market prove thus, that the production of high quality craft beer is no more a niche sector just for experts, but a reality that contributes to keep up the name of Made in Italy.

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