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The right beer for each hamburger

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Pairing beer and hamburger: the new winning couple!

Italians know it, the pairing beer and pizza is one of the doors to heaven! However, in the recent years, there is a new trend, which consists to go out in a pub with friends to eat a good…hamburger made in Italy!

We aren’t talking about the sandwiches that you buy at McDonald’s, Burger King or the big fast food restaurants chains, but we refer to a Hamburger with capital H. It is that kind of sandwich that you need an amazing talent to eat it, in order not to come back home with stains on your trousers.

But, as always, there’s a but! What can we pair with it? Water? It is not our cup of tea… Coca Cola? Too obvious… Wine? Better, but there’s something more. It is clear, a beer, and if it is crafty (and Italian) it is even better! And here comes the question: which is the right beer when we eat a hamburger?

The right beer for each hamburger: how to choose?

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The main rule is: the more the sandwich is delicate, the more the beer should be delicate. As a consequence, the more a hamburger is heavy, the more important and structured would be our beer!

The right beer for each hamburger: beginners

Without make hazardous choices, the most common beer to pair a sandwich with a chicken burger or a simple medal of beef meat is a lager, better if it is a Pils. A light beer that has the advantage to clean the mouth perfectly from drippings. You can choose a beer like the Jupiler, a Belgian blond beer that was born in 1966, fresh and thirst quenching, with an alcoholic volume of 5,2%.
But if you don’t love this type of beer, a Pils can be too bitter.

The right beer for each hamburger: intermediate

Going on to the second level, we can choose a stronger beer: a pale ale, that thanks to its intensity of aromas is most suitable to pair beef meat. We would advise you a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, an American beer produced using Cascade hop, it is perfumed and dry.

The right beer for each hamburger: expert

If you have a good Angus hamburger of 180g or a sausage hamburger, we advise you to pair your dishes with a Belgian ale with a structured body and not too alcoholic.
An example can be a Leffe Rouge, abbey double malt beer with a reddish colour, spiced but not too strong.
If you are in the right mood to risk… choose an excellent smoked beer, like the Schlenkerla!

Remember, thus: an extraordinary hamburger wants the right beer!

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