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The right moment to bottle wine

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The art of vinification: the right moment to bottle wine

Who loves this drink knows the importance to know the perfect moment to bottle the wine, to guarantee all its future features.

Finding the traditions

“Wine is bottled poetry” as the wise Robert Louis Stevenson says. And as the poetry, to make a good wine it is necessary to choose the right moment to bottle wine. We are not talking only of traditions and custom, but it is really important to follow some fixed rules to obtain high quality wines with extraordinary organoleptic properties. The fact is that the wine makers all over the world bottle their wines in the same moment, this is the proof that these suggestions are not only theoretical but they have an empiric base, proved by centuries and centuries of practice. They are both professionals producers and simple passionates that love creating their wine mixing the different type of grape, the choice of the best moment to bottle wine has not to be by chance.

How, when and why

Wine is an amazing drink! Now, its benefits are clear, both under a physical and mental point of view: in the right quantities it improve our health and our wellness. Many consider it a real elixir of long life and it is appreciated for its characteristics. To obtain a good wine, it is important to respect all the rules and the suggestions of the experts. Making wine is a rite that starts from the vine, pass through the grape and the grape harvest, culminating with the bottling, ending with the moment of tasting.

Our forefathers know very well when to pick the grapes, how to produce the must and how many time leave it in wooden barrels and when bottle the wine. Their know-how, confirmed also by the science, have been jealously preserved and passed down from father to son, allowing us to produce high quality wines. For this reason the first rule is to avoid it during the windy days, both for an excess of oxygen that will compromise the qualities and the possibility to mix smell and taste. Moreover, it is not suggested to carried it out in the period of new moon, things change with new moon.

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