Smoothies: dietetics, detox and tanning drinks!

Written by EFW Staff

Summer smoothies: there’s something to suit everybody’s fancy!

Warm days have arrived and with them also the desire to eat fresh and healthy food… to stay in shape. Turn the oven off and arm yourself with arm blender, smoothies are ready to solve all your problems!!
Fruit, vegetables or milk smoothies are refreshing and healthy, perfect if you are following a spring detox diet.

Benefits of smoothies

With the warm days it is better to prefer meals and fresh snacks rich in water with abundant portions of fruit and vegetables in order to hydrate the organism and refill it with mineral salts and vitamins. But who does feel like cooking?

Turn the fire and the oven off, rather arm yourself with ice, blender and creativity to realize a mix of fruit and vegetables that can substitute a meal if you are on a detox diet, or they can be your breakfast or a restoring snack.

Taste and health

Who said that eating healthy is not tasty? Smoothies are the living proof of it, allowing you to use the ingredients that you like most to create endless combinations of flavours.

The trend of smoothie is spreading and the reason is simple! According to the ingredients you can play with specific properties according to your needs and with resolution you will see the results, together with a general empowering of your health and your shape given that the main ingredients of each smoothie are fruit and vegetable! Here you can find some recipes and their benefits.

Green Smoothies DETOX

Do you want to detox? Try this green mix:
A handful of fresh spinach
Juice of 1 lemon
Fresh ginger
2 stems of celery
1 cucumber
Blend and quench your thirst!

DRAINING Smoothie anti-cellulite

1 cucumber
½ fennel
Juice of a grapefruit
1 kiwi

ENERGIZER smoothie

1 banana
A cup of oat or rice milk
1 mango
½ apple
Chia seeds
Mix the fruit with milk and ice, sprinkle with chia seeds

pesca smoothie

TANNING smoothie

A refill of carotene! Blend and mix:

1 carrot
2 slices of melon
1 peach
2 apricots
Orange juice
4-5 raspberries
Rice or oat milk

TASTY Smoothie

White yogurt
½ mango
½ banana
4 strawberries
Orange juice

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