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Sour beers: the new trend

Spine di Birre acide con etichette: Rodenbach Grand Cru, Gueuze Tilquin e D'Uva Beer - EFW
Written by EFW Staff

Sour beers

For sure, their name is not that assuring nor that tempting for the people that are experimenting the world of the craft beer for the first time. However these beers represent the trend of the future in the beer sector.

Where does this promotion come from?

Leaving aside the tradition of names and beers that made the history of Belgium and not only, today it is possible to record a great increasing of breweries that try to produce sour beers. All over Europe, but also on the other side of the ocean, there are excellent results from whom that, without a tradition is experimenting the production of this style starting from zero.

The world or sour beers is not that easy

The first comment of the people that try this beer for the first time is: “what is this? Beer?”, sometimes followed by grimaces of dislike and other face expressions due to the acidity, the sapid taste and the astringency of the product. But, as a second stage, there is a reaction, almost involuntary, to not forget that beer.

Even if you are “disgusted” by this beer, its memory insinuates your mind and your taste buds that you never came back. Everything starts from here: you immediately fall in love or you hate it.

Now you try, again and again, finding the way to understand what we are swallowing and being informed about this wide and amazing world, in the quickest way possible.

Botti di birra Gueuze Cantillon e bicchieri di birra acida - EFW

The consequence, as I’ve already told you is to be, nowadays, at the continuous research of sour beers to satisfy all the clients.

The research is always difficult: these products are difficult to find and they cost a lot because of the long production timing but the only solution is to buy them because the clients want to drink sour beer.

The suggestion is to get used to this type of beer slowly, perfectly aware that you are drinking something different and magical.

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