10 spring foods to detox your body

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Spring and detox foods

Raise your hand if you have said (or thought): “I feel tired and upset… maybe it is because of the change of season!”
As we all know and found out for ourselves, the end of the winter hibernation can cause tiredness and a lack of energies. However, there are spring foods that can bring your smile back and will help you to detox, following you with their taste till the beginning of summer! Seasonal fruits and vegetables are tastier and the prices are fair, how could we do without them?

Spring foods: strawberries first of all

Saying spring, you think to strawberries. They are a joy for the eyes thanks to them bright red colour, a joy for the palate thanks to their sweetness and a joy for the shape thanks to their low calories and their help to the intestine in running its functions.

Spring foods: asparagus and artichokes

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We have already talked about the asparagus and their extraordinary drainage and detox properties. What about artichokes? They are perfect to fight against the exceeding fats without giving up to the taste; they can be used to prepare various dishes form the Carpaccio with Grana shavings to the cooking in a pan.

Spring foods: watercress, rhubarb and radishes

The watercress, an unknown food! We often hear about it as decoration in important dishes, by the way it is perfect paired with numerous dishes and to stay in shape. About the rhubarb we only know it for its juice, however this plant is a great substitute for the cherries in jams and tarts.

Also the radishes are an extraordinary ally to eat and stay healthy, thanks to their high quantity of water and low calories.

Spring foods: new potatoes, fava beans and peas

The fava beans belong to the family of the beans and in fact they can substitute perfectly meat thanks to their proteins count. Fava beans can be paired with fresh and tasty cheeses or to enrich your salads.
On our list can’t miss the new potatoes and the peas, another fundamental legume in our diet.

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