How much sugar in food and drinks?

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How many sugar cubes do food and drinks contain?

Sugar is contained in hundreds of foods, even the most simple and unexpected like fruits which contain such a great quantity of sugar as snacks and desserts. Thus, talking about sugars… a thing is read the grams on a label, another is seeing them in sugar cubes! It is weird to discover the mountain of sugar contained in a bottle of Coke or a fruit yogurt.

SugarStack shows, visually, this sad truth (it is sad at least for those that are trying to get the shape and avoid sugars!); it is an English website that match sugar cubes with food to make clear, when the taste buds fails, how many sugars we assimilate through fruit, vegetables, drinks, snacks and pre-packed food.


zuccheri coca colaStarting from the queen of the industrial drinks: sweet and with gas, it is the favourite drink of the whole world: Coca Cola! A can counts more than 39 gr of sugar, 10 sugar cubes! 140 calories all coming from sugar.



redbull zuccheriDo you need a refill of energy? Pay attention to the energizer drinks, with gas, chemical food colourings and lots of sugars. A can of 250 ml of RedBull corresponds to 7 sugar cubes, that is 27 gr of refined sugar.



lemon zuccheriDo you think that lemonade is dietetic? Not at all! Even if it is good and refreshing, a bottle of 240 ml of Minute Mad lemonade introduces in the organism 6 sugar cubes and a half, for a total amount of 27 grams.


The tasty and comfy snacks are a great solution for the sudden hunger or breaks in a hurry. Anyway, they are not so healthy because they are full of refined sugars. Even raising and dehydrated red fruits have more sugars than you think!!

uvettaIt is better to eat raisin, sweet and delicious, just for breakfast but avoid it during the evening because 30 grams are the same of 7 sugar cubes. Cranberries, really in fashion in the last years count 6,5 sugar cubes each 40 gr. If you want to give yourself a treat, prefer a packaged ice cream spoon given than a vanilla spoon has an average of 5 sugar cubes, the same of 20 gr of sugar.

yogurt lightDo you blindly trust light yogurt? Pay attention to fruit ones because a jar can contain even 3-4 sugar cubes, not too much but anyway 14 gr of white sugar.



Tasty roasted peanuts? They aren’t really light, but if you eat only a small bag you would have gulped down only 2 sugar cubes.

Biscuits are a difficult deal, do you know Oreo? Those tasty cocoa biscuits stuffed with milk cream? Each biscuit has almost 4gr of sugar; eating the entire packet of 6 biscuits you will gain 23 gr of sugar.


Which fruit is better to avoid on a diet because its high sugary content?

anguria-300x225It is better to avoid watermelon. A slice of 280 gr has 18 gr of sugar and a banana, that is considered a medium-big fruit, contains 4 sugar cubes and a half (17 gr).

Make way for pineapple: only 9 gr (2 sugar cubes) and 50 calories for a 110 gr slice. But also strawberries 7 gr for each hectogram and a half, they are going to satiate you just with a sugar cube and a half.


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