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Sweet wines of Campania

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Small guide to the sweet wines of Campania

The hot sun of the south of Italy and the soil rich in volcanic minerals make Campania the perfect place for the production of oenological specialities among which sweet wines of Campania stands out. They are suitable to pair the creation of the finest confectionery of this area, as “Delizia al Limone”, babà, struffoli. The region boasts a wide variety of sweet Passito wines thanks to the presence of numerous autochthone vineyards, which create both white and red Passito wines. They have different organoleptic properties according to the soil and of the vine variety.

The particular production process of Passito wine has the power to enhance its olfactory bouquet and the structure: the grapes wither on the plants thanks to the favourable climate of Campania. Sometimes this process continues with a further withering that foresees the disposition of the grapes on trellis under the sun on a bed of straw or in airy cellars. The result is the increasing of the sugars, the enhancement of the alcoholic degree and an intensification of its bouquet.

Which wine of Campania should you choose?

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As for the sweet wines of Campania, the province of Benevento belongs to the area that records a higher production, thanks to a high availability of grapes. Wines are generally made of Falanghina, a vine grape perfect for this process for its characteristics.
A delicacy of the area of Benevento is the Passito IGT Beneventano di Colle Palladino, from Castelvetere, produced with Barbera grapes of Sannio, red wine, pleasantly fresh, perfectly paired with dried desserts and seasoned cheeses. It has notes of rose, next to the red fruits of the undergrowth.
Zingarella di Masseria Parisi is a wine recognized at a national level, produced in the municipalities of Baselice on the border between Campania and Puglia, which production occurs grapes of Moscato Giallo. It is a white wine, fresh and refined that release perfumes that go from dried apricot to dates, till candied yellow fruit or saffron. It is perfect with Pecorino or sheep’s cheeses or for the desserts of almond pasta or for the Neapolitan Pastiera.

Among the wines of Campania the Passito di Pallagrello – Meteora can’t miss (autochthone vine variety of the area of Castel Campagnano), with an amber yellow colour and a sweet natural taste with perfumes of citrus, hay and honey. It is perfect with dried desserts or cakes with creams.

Passito wines with Fiano grapes are instead more structured and perfumed. Worth mentioning is Melizie Irpinia Fiano Passito DOC, with a taste that remind dried fruit and jam. It can be paired with desserts with almond dough, cassata or seasoned cheese.

Passito Mel belongs to the same area, it is a table wine with a golden yellow colour, fermented and refined in barrique, that present notes of data, candied sugar and honey. Perfect with the dessert Delizia al Limone.
Last but not least, the Winery Papa, instead is responsible for the production of a red wine from primitive grapes, Fastignano Roccamonfina IGT is a dark red wine, thick, with notes of black cherry and spices. It can be paired with chocolate desserts or pretty seasoned cheeses.

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