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Knowing Craft Beer: news, events, handbooks and curiosities

It is easy to start knowing craft beer through the help of our experts, keeping always informed on the news of the Italian food and wine scene, being constantly updated thanks to the news edited by our cervoisier and brewers in the Enjoy Food Wine Magazine. Rely on the knowledge of our professionals to discover and learn about craft beer in all its shades: production methods, cellars, news about legislation, dedicated events but also tastings, tasting methods and many other curiosities about craft beer.

Craft beer is an extraordinary product of the land, it is worth attention and precision; we chose for you some experts in the field that, day by day, will guide you to discover the Italian tastes, Food and Wine tours dedicated to Italian and foreign craft beer.

Italy is a huge resource, its food and wine heritage is really rich and various, falling in love with Italian food and wine is easy, thanks to Enjoy Food Wine it will be exciting to discover beer and the best pairings beer-food, through the right information.

All the articles to know wine by Enjoy Food Wine: