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The Sommelier is speaking: let’s hear from the expert!

Talking about Wine, the Sommelier is fundamental, we’ve chosen qualified people to handle a column dedicated to Wine and the Wine World, not only enthusiasts but real expert in the field that are in contact everyday with what they are writing.
Who can explain better than a passionated professional what stand behind such a complex world?

For a neophyte that come closer to this world for the first time, it is better to rely on the advice of a qualified person, instead for a wine lover that want to compare his/her knowledge with someone of the same level, it is better to talk with someone who can understand also the most difficult issues.

The reliability of our staff allows everybody to get certain news and a certain source to gain knowledge and curiosities.
The Sommelier is speaking, that character that knows everything about wine and that can explain this well-structured world.

Here you are the section of Enjoy Food Wine that gives a voice to the wine professionals, the Sommelier is speaking: