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The best wines of Lombardy

I migliori vini della Lombardi - Franciacorta - EFW
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The best wines of Lombardy: red and white wines appreciated all over the world

Among the biggest regions of Italy, there is one region where in a single territory there is a wide range of high quality wines, both white and red, pretty appreciated abroad as well: we are talking about Lombardy. Today, there are five DOCG areas, twenty-three DOC and fourteen IGP wines.

The best DOCG wines of Lombardy

The most appreciated area of Lombardy that produces DOCG wines is the one called “Oltrepò Pavese”. It gives origin to excellent Spumante wines, in particular, Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico is available in other variants rosé, cremant, pinot noir and pinot noir rosé.

i migliori vini della Lombardia - Oltrepò Pavese

From Franciacorta, the hill area of the province of Brescia, there are precious wines like Spumante Franciacorta DOCG, produced with grapes of Pinot noir, available in different variants Franciacorta white, fresh and fragrant with a fine foam, Franciacorta millesimato, slightly sapid and with a gold colour, Franciacorta Satén  characterized by a creamy foam, and Franciacorta Rosé with the typical amber colour that thanks to the high percentage of pinot gris, it’s perfume is generally more complex.

Moving to the province of Sondrio, the wine Valtellina Superiore and the Sforzato di Valtellina are red wines with more than 90% of Nebbiolo, pretty dry and structured, where it is possible to notice notes of wood and the fruity perfume. Finally, in the province of Bergamo, it is possible to taste Moscato di Scanzo a Passito red wine that require a period of aging of two years, with intense perfumes and taste of almond.

i migliori vini della Lombardia - moscato di Scanzo - EFW

The best DOC wines of Lombardy

In the area of Oltrepò pavese there are some precious wines like Oltrepò Pavese Bonarda produced with the vine variety of Croatina, aka Bonarda. It is a structured wine, where it is possible to recognize notes of yeasts and a delicate perfume. But in the same area there is also the wine called Buttafuoco, obtained with the vinification of Bonarda, Barbera and Uvetta di Canneto. It has a structured and round taste and a pungent perfume. From here other important wines come from: like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Malvasia.
In the province of Brescia, people produce the wine called Botticino, an intense red and aromatic wine, and the Capriano del colle, in the variants red new wine, red, red reserve, trebbiano and sparkling trebbiano
Particularly known is, finally, Lambrusco Mantovano with a red-ruby red colour, a fizzy foam, sapid and fresh and an intense perfume.
Again, in Franciacorta, the Curtefranca is a still wine that can be drunk in two variants white and “bianco Vigna”, delicate and floral or red and “rosso Vigna”, a fruity wine with notes of grass and a well-balanced taste, pretty structured.

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