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Typical Veneto wines

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Tradition and culture: Veneto wines typical of this territory

Traditions, tastes and history of a region in a glass. Veneto is a region with an extraordinary vocation to viticulture and it produces lots of wines, representing perfectly this land, its tradition and its history. Typical Veneto wines are pretty appreciated on both the elegant and rustic decked tables.
Here you can find a small taste of the most famous typical Veneto wines. Raboso del Piave is certainly one of the most famous typical wines of this region. The origins of its name reveal its strong relation with the territory. The word “raboso”, in fact, can remind the creek with the same name that flows in the Piave area or the word of the Venetian dialect “rabioso”, referred to the roughness of this wine variety.
Raboso is an autochthone grape variety among the most typical varieties of the Piave DOC, resistant and rustic, that perfectly represents the province of Treviso. The grapes are big and long shaped, with black grapes and thick peel. It was known and loved by the Republic of Venice, Raboso is an austere, dry, full-flavored wine, perfect  with game, red meats and cheeses or with the typical tastes of the province of Treviso like the delicious Sopressa.


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Recioto di Gambellara is a typical Veneto wine of the province of Vicenza, produced with the grape variety called Garganega. The origin of this name is uncertain: according to some people, it comes from the Passito wine Reticio, mentioned both by Virgilio and Plinio il Vecchio, whereas to others, it comes from the Latin root Racemus, bunch of grapes. Another hypothesis is that the term comes from the venetian dialect “recia” (ear), referring to the highest part of the grapes, which contains the best juice.
As in the past, the best grapes of the Garganega harvest are usually used for the production of special wine: passito. These are hung from the so-called “picai”, in dry and ventilated rooms and whither until January and then pressed. Recioto, if produced in this way, is a wine with a gold yellow colour with strong perfumes of ripened fruit and vanilla, the taste is sweet and fine. It is perfect with dry and soft desserts or other typical desserts of this territories like Brasadello and Gata.


Prosecco is probably one of the most famous Veneto wines all over the world and it is, for sure, the most exported wine. It has ancient roots (in ‘500 the famous Pucinum celebrated by Plinio find its origins) and lived its boom in the last years of ‘900. Today it represent a fundamental sector of the Veneto economy, in fact its turnover exceed 3 billion, 8000 wineries and 269 producers of Spumante that boasts 330 millions of bottles each year. It has different varieties: Tranquillo, Spumante and Frizzante (sparkling). Prosecco is an inescapable pairing of the traditional Venetian “cicchetto”: it is the main character of every toast and aperitif and it is at the base of the most famous Veneto aperitif: spritz.

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Breganze Vespaiolo is a Veneto wine typical of the province of Vicenza. The grape used to produce this wine is called Vespaiola because its juice is sweet and particularly appreciated by the wasps. Its berry is white that is ripened in the last decade of September and it was imported in Breganze by the aristocrats of Vicenza to comply the tastes of the venetians that stayed in the villas of the area. This wine, straw yellow, is characterized by a bouquet where notes of acacia, citrus, quince and almond are easy recognizable. Fresh and acid, Vespaiolo can be perfectly paired with typical dishes of the territory like asparagus of Bassano and Vicenza-style Salted Codfish.


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