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Certified vegan wine

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Vegan wine has arrived and it is certified

The first vegan wine is finally ready to be uncorked on the tables of the vegans. It is a wine without any trace of animal origin, finally excluded from the production process forever.
Yes, it seems almost incredible, but wine has some animal substances pretty forbidden by the followers of the vegan diet.
We mean albumin, casein, chitin, ox blood, isinglass, thus all that gelatines that are necessary to clarify. All these it is not accepted by who is looking for a vegan wine.

The first vegan wine comes from Trentino Alto Adige

Few months ago, the Cantina Sociale Trentina Aldeno, with 408 producers associated, obtained the authorization from the Istituto di Certificazione Etica e Ambientale di Bologna (Ethic and Environmental Certification Institute to produce this particular type of wine.

The code of conduct, set by Icea, is so strict and the iter to obtain the desired certification is detailed.
The producers are warned: every false declaration will be subjected to controls risking severe penalty.

Bicchieri con vino vegano - EFW

How to produce vegan wine

How can we define a vegan wine? It is, for sure, a biologic wine that come from biodynamic agricolture; it doesn’t foresees fertilizers with animal derivative, without organic substances, obtained by hand picking. As for the cultivation methods, then, there are groups of purists asking for the use of horses instead of tractors, on the contrary other people states that the comeback to the plow is a real method of animal exploitation. Talking about treatments there is someone who foresees just the filtering, who allows the clarification replacing the animal gelatins with bentonite or vegetable carbon, whereas someone else boasts only the use of autoctone yeasts.

After all, also the price is ethic

Also the final price is almost ethic, considering that a box with 6 bottles of the first certified wine of Trentino has been sold at 56 euros. Naturally the label doesn’t suggest to taste wine with braises meat, eggs and cheeses, but generally with “diverse types of food”.

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