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Wine for vegans, a real possibility?

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Wine for vegan, yes or not?

In the recent years, all over the world has exploded a real mania for wine. In every corner of the world and above all countries like Italy and France have made of wine their strong suit, besides a flourishing industry. Here there are specialized wine shops, courses for sommelier, possibility to taste precious and exclusive wines besides websites dedicated to the art of the most inebriant drink of the world.

A passion that involves lots of people and that put them together in the seeking of the perfect sensory experience. It is now a custom before ordering at a restaurant we give a look to the chart of wine, to evaluate the goodness and the prestigious of a restaurant.

Besides the people that don’t drink alcohol, also the vegans are a risky category for the consumption of wine, even if the sector is experiencing great innovation to guarantee the possibility to drink these products also for those people that decided to marry the cruelty free philosophy, as the vegan one.

The vegan philosophy

But who are the vegans? The evolution of the most common and spread vegetarians, that do not eat meat coming from animals, preferring a diet rich in vegetables, carbohydrates and dairy products. Vegans are against any type of food or behaviours based on animal exploitation. Starting from the rejection of the consumption of fish, meat, the breeding and slaughterhouse, till the use of the animals for the agriculture, the vegans marry a philosophy of life where the animal has the same dignity of the man and leave them living in freedom and peace.

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Wine according to the vegan

Historically, the vegans don’t consume wine and the reason of this choice is clear. Among the ingredients used in the production and fermentation of the wine, in fact, it is not rare to find excipients of animal origin, like albumin, isinglass, steer blood, used sometimes during the process of clarification of the wine. Moreover, according to their philosophy of the respect for animals, vegans don’t appreciate that the vineyards are cultivated with the help of pack animals.

Is thus wine, off limits for the fanatic of the vegan philosophy?

Evaluating the last tendencies of the oenological sector, it is a no. Wine for vegans exists! For some years, in fact, the institute Icea of Bologna, is busy to launch some Vegan certifications for all the products following the standard in compliance with the law, it means eliminating each ingredient of animal origin, without using organic substances both in the vine and in the winery to assure a productive process fully automatized.
Great news for the people that till today didn’t wanted and could not taste the inebriant taste of the grape nectar to follow what they believe.
One of the first winery to be aware of this hidden wish of the consumers is the Winery Aldeno, an association in Trentino that boast, besides the DOC certification, also the biological and vegan one. The effort of the winery of Trento has been fully paid back: they sold in few times all the 15.000 bottles of the current production.

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