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Wine in pregnancy? Yes, one glass of red wine during meals!

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It is possible to drink wine during pregnancy?

The excess of alcohol during the nine months is strictly condemned by the specialist that invite to reflect about the risks to consume alcoholic drinks that can compromise the health of the newborn.
On the contrary, there are different opinions in the issue, above all about red wine: it’s time to clarify it, highlighting pros and cons that derives from the consumption of wine during pregnancy.

Risk of alcohol during pregnancy

During pregnancy there are numerous factors that can compromise the health of the fetus: a wrong diet, smoking, a lack of gym, an excess of weight and last but not least, alcohol.

Alcohol in fact, is able to pass the placenta, reaching the blood vessel of the baby with several consequences for the development of the child. An excess of alcohol in pregnancy can interfere with the hormone of the growth, compromising the intellectual and motor faculty of the baby and sometimes to cause a dangerous illness called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that cause brain problems, neurological and neuropsychological troubles and cerebral damages.

No alcoholics, aperitifs and beer

The specialists invite the future mums to avoid or limit the consumption of alcohol in pregnancy: in particular it is fundamental not to drink alcoholics, also small quantities can introduce in the organism a great alcoholic count (besides caloric!).
To avoid also spiked coffee or aperitifs with liqueurs, where the presence of sugar affect sensitively the quantitative of alcohol.
Wine and beer has almost the same alcoholic volume, but according to the gynecologists they have to be banned from the tables of the pregnant women.

Red wine: the benefits of a glass of wine during meals

A glass of red wine to distribute in the main meals, it is not excluded from the diet of pregnant women: thanks to the high percentage of natural antioxidants, the polyphenols, red wine represent, in fact, a great ally of the health of the mothers, helping the blood circulation and the regeneration of the tissues.

It is fundamental to limit the consumption just in a single dose per day, to interfere with the development of the fetus.

And in the kitchen?

The wine can be used also for the preparation of the dishes, because with the enhancing of the temperatures the alcohol evaporate: no limits thus to the habit to season risotto with a sparkling of white wine.

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