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What is the Zymatic Machine?

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Zymatic Machine: a revolutionary invention

“It’s hard to stop thinking about beer when you’re living with a beer robot.”

The Seattle Times

If we want to give credits to scholars and anthropologist, the production of the beer is an activity that is rooted thousands and thousands years ago, when the fermentation process has been discovered by chance.

Egyptians, Greeks and Romans continued to improve the production technique and the taste of the product, whereas in medieval time, the brew process becomes a prerogative of the monasteries and they started to use hop.

Today, thanks to the device Zymatic Machine of PicoBrew presented at CES 2015 of Las Vegas, everyone will be able to produce easily this drink at home. It is a real technological and digital revolution that will lead for sure to empowerments in the world of home brewing.

Zymatic Machine: how does it work?

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PicoBrew has been able to create a device, completely automatic, Zymatic Machine, that allows to produce beer only pushing a button. The aim was to improve the quality and the body of the beer, recreating a small process as it takes place in the big breweries. Bill Mitchell, co-founder of the company. It can be as one of our traditional coffee machines.

Zymatic Machine is a kind of microwave oven able to contain up to a maximum of 4 kg of cereals that allow to produce a beer simply adding some ingredients and the Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet cable connected to the online platform of PicoBrew. The recipes are managed by a website where the users can exchange opinions and advice. At the same time, the newbie brew master can monitor how the brew activity is going on, via computer or the mobile app.

To start the process, it is sufficient to select and put a recipe in the web platform, fill the machine with cereals, hop and aromatic substances/spices if you like. The machine is refilled with water and it works for about four hours.

Once ready, it is necessary to chill out the must placing the container in water and ice, add the yeast and leave fermenting.

It is possible to buy Zymatic Machine online on PicoBrew with a price of about 1500 €

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